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[2000-09-09-MCW-TV] American Dragon vs Fabulous Rocker


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An atrocious Dragon promo starts us off as he complains about someone parking in the grass. Rocker attacks and we cut to the match and Rocker continuing the beatdown. They are wrestling in some sort of tent. Rocker doesn't do a whole lot on top but Dragon does look dynamic in his comeback and is able to put Rocker away with a jawbreaker from the ropes and suplex. 3/4*

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American Dragon is outside at ‘Libertyland’ and there is a ‘no parking on the grass’ sign, only someone has ignored it and parked on the grass! This superhero character they’re trying to give him is so lame! Fabulous Rocker attacks Dragon from behind and drags him to the ring for their match. Clothesline, back elbow, suplex, his offense is all so rudimentary. Bodyslam and an ‘Arabian moonsault’ for a two. He almost loses his balance when he climbs to the top rope, but hits the ‘Swanton bomb’. Rocker’s knife edge chops look and sound weak, so Dragon shows him how they’re done. Running forearm smash in the corner followed by that lovely Northern Lights suplex where he hooks the leg. Poke to the eye and a thrust to the throat by Rocker. He connects with a moonsault, although that still isn’t enough to put his opponent away. Dragon blocks the monkey flip by sitting Rocker on the top rope and then comes off the middle himself with a jawbreaker. Belly to back cradle suplex and he retains the Light Heavyweight title.


Rocker worked on top for the majority of this, and like I said, aerial moves aside, his offense is all very basic. Dragon showed plenty of fire and aggression in his comeback, but the match was for the worse with Rocker being the one who was controlling it.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-09-MCW-TV] American Dragon vs Fabulous Rocker

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