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[2000-09-09-NWA Wildside-TV] Air Paris vs Adam Jacobs


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For the generic indie rific guys in Wildside at the time, this was ok. I don't really see the appeal in Air Paris so far and think WCW could have done much better than having him tag along with Styles in the latter moments of the promotion. The gear here really screamed 2000's also. Paris' former partner comes out to assist him and it looks like we are headed for a tag team feud. *1/2

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This was fine though I think Paris would have come across better if not for trying to fit all his cool indy offense into the match. He had a decent heel presence and command in the ring but his offensive arsenal kind of detracted from it for me. Jacobs looked competent as they work a fine short TV match that ends with some angle advancement.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-09-NWA Wildside-TV] Air Paris vs Adam Jacobs

Jacobs gets a two count after a middle rope moonsault and then sits Paris on the top turnbuckle.  Air blocks the superplex with a punch to the gut and lands a sunset flip powerbomb for a two of his own.  Interestingly Prazak and Getz compare Paris to an early Devon Storm as someone who would fly all over the place from the opening bell but learned to slow things down and is now working in WCW as Crowbar.  Michinoku Driver and Jacobs gets a shoulder up as we head into a break.  Figure four chinlock, however the official catches Paris using the ropes for leverage and orders him to break the hold.  Fisherman buster but he then misses connecting on the tumbleweed.  As Jacobs unloads with punches in the corner Cassidy O’Reilly, Paris’s former partner in ‘The Hot Shots’, comes out to watch on from ringside.  ‘Alabama Jam’ by Jacobs and O’Reilly is up on the apron distracting Jimmy Rivers from counting the pin.   Jacobs goes over to have a word as O’Reilly just drops back to the floor.  Paris with a low blow, ‘Roll the Dice’ and that’s all she wrote.  O’Reilly attacks Jacobs after the bell and the seemingly reunited ‘Hot Shots’ double team Jacobs until his own partner, Silky Boom Boom, makes the save.

The action was fast paced but that was it, I had no connection to the match whatsoever.  The Devon Storm reference felt like the commentators way of saying that Paris needs to tone it down, make his stuff mean more etc.  In regards to Chad's point, if WCW were insistent on using Styles in a Cruiserweight team, I would've tagged him up with Onyx instead because A.J. is light years ahead of Paris in every way at the moment.

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