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[2000-09-09-OVW-TV] Rob Conway vs Nick Dinsmore


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JR is in the booth and right away Cornette gives way to him taking the lead so we get significantly less screaming than usual. That is a positive. The negative is we still have the same bullshit match of 5 minutes of decent action and then a complete schmozz generally resulting in the heel skating out a victory. The referee was really poor here just staying in position to get bumped. Dinsmore is able to take out Bolin and Mr. Black but Conway loads up the glove the steal the victory. Blah. *1/2

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This clicked a little better for me. For the first time Dinsmore came across more effective and serious than douchey to me and Conway has natural charisma and a willingness to be led here. He's green but most of his natural abilities cancelled that out here. The overbooking is expected but after the ref bump they at least pull off the finishing sequence cleanly and we get a title change.



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No Dean Hill this week as Jim Ross is on commentary duties with Cornette. Inverted atomic drop on Conway as Dinsmore saw the leap frog coming. He follows that up with a regular one, however the ‘Iron Man’ reverses the Irish whip and catches him with a drop toe hold. ‘Mr Wrestling’ blocks a hip toss and counters with a double arm overhead suplex, while Corny is dropping Gordon Solie references and referring to the match as “a game of human chess” because of how well these two know each other. Dinsmore heads upstairs for the missile dropkick, but Kenny Bolin clobbers him with his briefcase and he crashes to the mat. JR then describes Bolin as “an open wound on the backside of life!” Belly to belly suplex for a near fall. DDT, but instead of going for the cover Conway chooses to play to the crowd. Dinsmore escapes the ‘Torture Rack’, hits a belly to back suplex and both men are down. Superkick by ‘Mr Wrestling’. He connects on the missile dropkick and Bolin is up on the apron distracting the referee. Jerome Croney tries to interfere, but Dinsmore counters whatever he had planned with a sit out powerbomb before nailing the ‘Star Maker’ with a right hand. Conway ducks out the way of a flying forearm and Dinsmore levels the referee instead (in a spot which looked hokier than usual, even for this promotion). Mr Black is next to try and help his BS compatriot, but his interference also fails to pay off and Dinsmore hits an awesome German suplex on the big man. In amongst all this confusion Conway loads his glove with something and one ‘Iron fist’ later we have a new OVW Heavyweight champion.


Can we have Jim Ross back every week please? Cornette is so much more restrained next to him compared with Dean Hill, both in his volume levels and also in actually letting Ross speak and call the match! You know the score by now though; decent action followed by a ref bump and outside interference. Just like the tag match I enjoyed from last week, it was the same here until you know what. The work between the wrestlers was strong and I liked Corny emphasising how they knew each other so well to explain for the reversals, counters etc. Ref bump was poor although in a backwards kinda way it was worth it to see that awesome German suplex Dinsmore hit on Mr Black.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-09-OVW-TV] Rob Conway vs Nick Dinsmore

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