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[2000-09-11-WCW-Nitro] Rey Mysterio Jr & Juventud Guerrera vs Kronik


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Borash is back in the booth and wearing shades for some reason. Nonstop Action is mentioned twice in this match so now we know the onus for TNA's name. The match is a mess. Are the Animals heels or faces? They get bounced around until the Harris Borther comes out and takes out Adams. Then Disco interferes on the Animals behalf and Rey/Juvy are now in control and take the match with the legdrop the nuts from Rey. I really hate that finish. 1/2*

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Disco interrupts Konan’s catchphrases and says that even though he does all the tough talk, he’s tough too. When Kronik jumped him on Thunder they made the biggest mistake of their lives as they’ve made him mad. He says how the ‘Filthy Animals’ play together and they fight together, so he’s decided that Rey and Juvi are going to step up to the plate and beat the hell out of them! That doesn’t sit too well with the rest of ‘the Animals’ but Kronik are more than happy to answer his challenge.


We return from a quick recap of what happened on Thunder to find that Brian Adams has got Rey in a gorilla press on the floor, from where he throws him over the top rope and back into the ring. He tries the same with Juvi but ‘the Juice’ lands on his feet. As Adams gets up on the apron he sidesteps a Juvi dropkick and decks him with a right hand that misses by a country mile. Mark Madden wonders if we’ll see ‘a face full of stuff’ tonight only for Konan to shoot that down right away saying that “(he) heard they didn’t want to sell it”. Now that was funny! Juvi ducks under a big boot and ‘the Animals’ dropkick Adams’ knee as they try and bring him down to their size. Double suplex, but when they try a double clothesline he just runs through them with one of his own. Soft looking shoulder tackle by Clark on Rey, he then counters Juvi’s wheelbarrow bulldog by slamming him to the canvas. Rey leaps backwards into an Adams full nelson and an almighty full nelson slam follows. Ron Harris walks out and he’s carrying a video camera for some reason. Adams heads off to confront him while Clark struggles to clothesline Rey over the top, eventually having to push him over! Heavy D is now with his brother, although Adams doesn’t see him and Don hits him over the head with another video camera that he’s taken from one of the camera men. Disco nails Clark in the back with a chair and gives him a ‘stunner’ on the floor before rolling him back into the ring. Springboard leg drop to the back of the neck by Rey, 450 splash AND CLARK KICKS OUT! ‘Nutcracker’ the pair of them cover him together and he finally decides to stay down for that.


Just a bad idea period putting these two against Rey and Juvi. Adams and Clark are stuck in the early 90’s and clearly don’t want to be selling for either. As a result they kill the wheelbarrow bulldog and even worse, after a chair shot, stunner, leg drop to the back of the neck and a 450 splash, Bryan Clark kicks out of all of that! So not only killing one finisher, but two (Disco’s and Juvi’s). A mess from beginning to end.

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Adams pulls out an F5! Rey and Juvy take big bumps for pumphandle chokeslams as a Harris brother walks out. We get the absolute lamest camera attack to the lower back of Adams and Rey hits a springboard legdrop and tags in Juvy to hit the 450 but Clark fights them off as the crowd gets behind him. Rey and Juvy finish anyway. This didn't get a chance to really be anything.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-11-WCW-Nitro] Rey Mysterio Jr & Juventud Guerrera vs Kronik

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