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[2000-09-13-WCW-Thunder] Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner vs Booker T & Ernest Miller


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I guess the title is on the line here because why not. Nash as the champion around this time just has no heat and doesn’t even have the comedic value of Arquette holding the title or Jarrett being a four time champion in two months. Not a lot of exciting action here and the crowd is chanting for Goldberg to help out. Steiner locks on the Recliner and Nash has to pull Booker out to save his title. RoboBerg comes out in a Harley and leather jacket. He spears Steiner and Jackhammers him to a great reaction. Goldberg has had around 10 different gimmick beats this year but damn if he still isn’t over. ½*

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I know ‘Commissioner Cat’ is trying to make life difficult for Nash, but did they not learn anything from the absurdity of having the World title on the line in War Games? Now it’s on the line in this tag match, where again Nash could lose the belt without being pinned. Pamela Paulshock is on ring announcing duties and ‘Sir Pumpalot’ either tries to intimidate or sexually harass her after being introduced. The two teams pair off with Steiner and Booker getting it on in the ring, while Nash and ‘the Cat’ fight around ringside. As Booker looks for an early axe kick, he’s nailed from behind by ‘Big Sexy’ and Steiner launches him with an overhead throw/suplex. After whipping ‘the Cat’ into the guard rail, Steiner clocks him over the head with the title belt as they look to try and isolate Booker. He remains crumpled on the outside for the rest of the bout, as every time he would get back to his feet Nash or Steiner would go and lay him out again. To be fair it’s a pretty smart way of booking things in order to stop ‘the Cat’ from stinking up the match. Side slam by ‘Big Sexy’ for a two. Belly to belly followed by the ‘Steiner recliner’ and the crowd immediately turns to the entrance way. Either someone is on their way out, or they’ve been conditioned to the point that they expect a run in. Nash pulls Booker out of the recliner and from the ring in order to protect his title as a motorbike pulls up at ringside. It’s Goldberg! Steiner doesn’t see him coming as he’s having words with Nash, and when he turns around he’s met with a spear. The jackhammer is next just before the show goes off the air. No result is officially announced, but it’s either a no-contest or Nash & Steiner win by disqualification.

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I start this up and immediately see that the World Title is on the line. That makes sense. I kind of feel for Booker T as his breakout into the main events came at a time when nothing matters at all. So he gets beat down in a heatless heat segment while The Cat proves to be utterly worthless and incompetent as a partner. Steiner looks to have Booker beat but Nash pulls him out of the ring to save his title. Goldberg comes out on a motorcycle and spears Steiner as the show ends. At least the end segment of this doesn't drag, but ultimately this was pretty pointless.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-13-WCW-Thunder] Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner vs Booker T & Ernest Miller

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