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[2000-09-14-WWF-Smackdown] The Rock & The Undertaker vs D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley (Tables)


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Rock backstage promo with Lillian where he confirms that she likes pie. Another bit that plays well in 2000 with this crowd but doesn’t resonate at all in current day rewatching. The tag match itself is intriguing with the Dudley’s kind of just inserted into the match. I liked the physicality here. I don’t know if Bubba or D Von will rank on my top 100 workers of 2000 but they have been really solid both in tv and gimmick matches and them getting over with the crowd is a testament to their determination after a rocky first few months within WWF. Rock and Taker don’t really work together. Some nice teases of the table with Bubba saving D Von from going through one. D Von then saves Bubba as Rock hits a Rock Bottom. Bubba sends Rock into Taker as he went for a chokeslam and Taker is pissed. With them staring off at each other, the Dudleys hit Taker with the 3D through the table for the win. Nice to let the established team get the win. Taker is pissed after the match and chokeslams Rock through the table to end the show. I wish this was on Raw to hear the genuine crowd reaction because between the dubbed Network entrance music and the crowd sweetening, it is tough to gauge. **1/2

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It's a good tag match on its own and then they manage to build some real suspense around the table spots. Table matches are strange because it's kind of hard to build good "false finishes" around them but in this scenario they milked it really well. After a couple teases, Undertaker gets put through with a 3D and then retaliates on Rock after the match with the chokeslam through the table. Bonus points for the way they present the Dudleys (and Edge and Christian in similar situations) as a team that can compete with the best of the main eventers because of teamwork and experience together. Strong blending of hot midcard acts able to squeeze their effectiveness into the main event picture where a lot of things can be advanced.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-14-WWF-Smackdown] The Rock & The Undertaker vs D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley (Tables)
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Lilian Garcia wonders if The Rock can trust the Undertaker going into this tag team tables match, it’s inconsequential to him though as he’s already made up his mind that he can’t and the only person he can trust is himself.

We get a recap of Steve Austin being run down at the Survivor Series and are reminded that he has given the man responsible ten days to come forward; if he doesn’t the interrogation will begin at Unforgiven.

Bubba with a succession of hard slaps to the chest of the Rock.  All that does though is rile the ‘Great One’ up, who switches positions with him in the corner and fires away with flurry of punches.  Old school rope walk by Taker who then drops Bubba with a clothesline.  D-Von gets some of the same when he tries to help his partner out, but with Taker losing his focus it enables Bubba to gain control.  The Dudley’s then work him over until D-Von runs into a big boot.  They’re quickly back in charge mind, hitting the ‘wassup’ diving headbutt to The Rock before collecting a table from under the ring.  As they are in the process of setting it up though the Undertaker kicks it into their faces.  Taker props that table up in the corner, Rock whips D-Von into it, however Bubba rugby tackles his own partner to prevent him from going through it in a nice little tease.  Rock fetches a second table and another tease, this time D-Von flipping it out of the way just in time as Rock is about to ‘Rock Bottom’ Bubba through it.  A couple more close calls before Bubba clotheslines Rock over the top rope to the outside.  Taker slugs Bubba and then gestures to his partner on the floor, telling him to “come on” and help him out in here.  When he turns around he walks into a 3-D, getting put through a table in the process in what Michael Cole calls the biggest win in the Dudley’s career.  Post-match Taker chokeslams Rock through the other time, either in frustration at the loss or holding him responsible for what just happened.

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