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[2007-10-28-WWE-Cyber Sunday] Rey Mysterio vs Fit Finlay (Stretcher)

Superstar Sleeze

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Rey Mysterio vs Finlay - Cyber Sunday 2007 Stretcher Match


Coming off the heels of Finlay beating the holy hell out of Rey Rey by lulling him into a false sense of security by pretending to be so injured he was put on a stretcher. So the stretcher match makes sense. I thought this was a pretty good opener. No real shine as Finlay just suffocates Rey Rey from the get go. I thought they incorporated the stretcher well into the spots. They used it as a battering ram, liked how Rey Rey dropkick the stretcher into Finlay for a hope spot and the front suplex into the stretcher by Finlay. Finlay followed up with some good abdomen work before Rey made a quick comeback with a rana. Rey tried to get him across on stretcher and so Finlay thinks it is time to get the shillelagh (it was on a pole because that was a possible option). Finlay smashes him in the knee. They never stuck with one body part. It was too bad. I liked Finlay's knee from the apron to send Rey into the stretcher. The finish was the best part. Finlay is up against the apron. 619 that puts Finlay stretcher. Rey Rey then hits a somersault plancha while Finlay is on the stretcher. GREAT! Rey goes to push him across, but a TV cord impedes him. LOL! They actually improvise a good finish with Finlay missing with the shillelagh and then Rey flapjacking him onto the stretcher. Great use of the stretcher and the almost finish. ***1/2

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