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Superstar Sleeze

[2006-11-13-WWE-Raw] Johnny Nitro vs Jeff Hardy

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WWE Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro vs Jeff Hardy - RAW 11/13/06


By 2006 (probably earlier), the WWE booking is doing nobody any favors with this constant booking of this match. These two don't have Flair/Steamboat chemistry nor do they have the ability to build their matches off each other. I think Todd Grisham is on commentary and he is atrocious. I am glad he did not stick around. Johnny Nitro uses the hair to take Jeff Hardy down. You know what it is there is not a whole of fun in these matches. Nitro misses a splash and then Hardy hits a dropkick (new spot). Jeff is spot to use the ten count punches and then that dropkick. Way to go for Swanton early. Jeff Hardy's baseball slide is really good. Like the Nitro kneelift to stop jawbreaker and Tidal Wave Kick by Nitro gets a two. Nitro is choking, good heel stuff. Nitro with reverse chinlock. I hate the elbows to end a chinlock. "Sometimes when you please a woman like that, she makes those noises." -Todd Grisham. Horrible. Nitro gets crotched. Hardy misses Whisper in the Wind. Awful modified slam by Nitro. Nitro mocks Matt Hardy with the Hardy Yodel, Jeff hits him with a powerbomb. Swanton Bomb! Ref is distracted. Nitro hits a corkscrew moonsault, but has a shitty pin cover and Hardy rolls him into an Oklahoma Roll to win. I wish someone would do this to Dolph Ziggler who also has shitty covers. Yeah, I am starting to get sick of mid-00s WWE. Nitro hits Hardy with a ladder to setup the ladder match next week on RAW. Jury is out if I will watch it, right now.



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