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[2006-05-21-WWE-Judgment Day] Kurt Angle vs Mark Henry

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Kurt Angle vs Mark Henry - Judgment Day 2006


Much better stuff out of these two. Henry lays a little badmouth on Angle before the match. This is during the period where Angle both acted like a psychopath in the ring and was even more of a psychopath outside the ring. He really comes off an unhinged here at the beginning. I love it. Gives it a blood feud feel. Angle is out for revenge after Henry busted up his ribs real good (wearing tape). Loving the urgency from Angle just hurling his body at Henry. When Henry misses a seat drop he is right on him with a kick. Eventually all this running around leads to SPLAT when Henry RUNS over him with a shouldertackle. Damn. Henry beats the shit out of those ribs. With big slams. Angle gets some good hope spots like a DDT, a German and Angleslam. Anklelock countered, duh. Henry wants to splash him through announce table. But Angle gets up and is splashed up against post for the countout Henry victory. I would say that was the biggest victory in Mark Henry's career at this point. It looks like Mark Henry's gets injured right before the summer of 2006. They probably would have had Batista beat him like a drum around the horn in a revenge angle. Some real good stuff and not just Mark Henry's big man stuff, dug Angle's intensity. ***

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