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Superstar Sleeze

[2009-08-25-WWE-ECW] Sheamus vs Goldust

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Sheamus vs Goldust - WWECW 8/25/09


Always a feud I wanted to check out because it is two of my all time favorites. I was not disappointed by this outing in the least bit. This is apparently the rubber as each hold a victory over the other. This is hard hitting, smashmouth and chaotic. I was expecting this out of Sheamus against Cena and Orton in early 2010 but it seems he was already sterilized by WWE. He was probably scared of taking the establishment out of the comfort zone. He was more comfortable with Goldust here just smacking the shit out of him. The thing with Sheamus is that he gives as good as he receives. When he slaps Sheamus, Goldust comes in and wrecks his shit with a clothesline to the back of the head. This was a great ass kicking match. That drop down slap Goldust does tagged Sheamus really good because you see that side of his face turn really red. Nice powerslam by Goldust. Sheamus rolls out the ring. The brawl is on outside the ring. Goldust just tackles him at one. Goldust was awesome in this. He was the one that made this feel like an out of control brawl while Sheamus delivered the hard hits. Great double countout to extend the feud. ***1/2

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