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[2009-08-25-WWE-ECW] Christian vs William Regal

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Christian vs William Regal - WWECW 8/25/09


Christian defeated William Regal two nights previous at Summerslam in 8 seconds with the Killswitch. So Regal demands a rematch because he was not ready, Tiffany (remember her?!? I'll never forget her and Gail Kim tearing the house down in Boston in 2013 in their Last Woman Standing Match) comes out and order to a rematch but it will be non-title. Regal has to win this match to get a title shot.


Terrific TV Match. They play off the Summerslam match with Christian going for the Killswitch early. Christian controls with a series of headlock takedowns. He gets his dropkick to the outside but thinks twice about following it up with Big Zeke & Kozlov out there. Good way to establish that their presence matters. Then they play off the Superstars match where Regal misses the running knee and Christian gets a sunset flip, which won him the previous match but here it is just a two count. Regal yanks Christian off the apron who takes a nasty bump. These two have some great exchanges. Regal hits some ferocious European Uppercuts. Christian teaches Regal the lesson you should never give your opponent the high ground when he makes him pay with a crossbody. Christian fires up. Some great punches punctuated by a big open hand slap. Christian with a pair of missile dropkicks gets two. Christian ends up on the outside and slaps the piss out of Kozlov. Christians gets in. He goes for the Killswitch but shoved into a big Russian headbutt as the ref is distracted by Zeke and Regal hits the running knee for the wiin. Loved the how they tied all the characters. Loved this match because every spot meant something in relation to their history or build to the finish. Two total pros. ***3/4

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