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[2012-11-11-NJPW-Power Struggle] Kazushi Sakuraba & Katsuyori Shibata vs Wataru Inoue & Togi Makabe

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The awfully-named Always Hypers rush Laughter7 as soon as they're in the ring as they know they don't stand much of a chance playing fair. It seems to work until Inoue is left in the ring with Shibata, who starts brushing off his measly strikes and shows poor Wataru how to dish them out correctly. Shibata just oozes charisma here. Sick of seeing his partner tenderized, Makabe tries to attack Shibata, and they end up brawling into the crowd. Sakuraba takes over Inoue and schools him on the mat before putting him away with a submission.


Not as good as the first match, but this sets up the Makabe/Shibata singles match at Wrestle Kingdom perfectly.



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