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[2009-11-22-WWE-Survivor Series] Batista vs Rey Mysterio

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Batista vs Rey Mysterio - Survivor Series 2009


Batista turned heel on his BFF Rey Rey over the World Heavyweight Championship. A pretty shocking heel turn at the time. Batista had been positioned as 1A to John Cena and Rey Mysterio is the bastion of babyface. It was definitely an effective storyline. It all makes given Dave's departure after the Cena's series in mid-2010. Watching the video package the build to this was great. It really felt like a Smackdown explodes match because these were the number 1 & 2 babyfaces of the mid-00s of my teen years.


Sometimes, I wont give a way a finish in my reviews because I think not knowing the finish is part of the charm of a match. I am going to do the reverse here. Batista wins via knockout at about 6 and half minutes with the three Batistabombs. Batista, a big main event babyface, turns heels against Rey and is going to be positioned to face Cena at Mania. We all knew Batista would win and would win decisively. How they get to the finish is special. It is completely unexpected. Watch the match. It showcases both of these men at their best. ****

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