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[2009-07-26-WWE-Night of Champions] CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy

Superstar Sleeze

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World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy - Night of Champions 2009


You can tell a lot about match from the beginning. This was started as a clunker and ended as a clunker. Really weird beginning. Jeff Hardy looked like he was in a daze and just didn't have a fucking clue what to do. CM Punk also in a weird mood wrestling circles around Jeff literally and then asking him what he was going to do to him. Very odd. They do the finisher teases again. Then they do some nice bumps to the outside. Punk misses a suicide dive. Then Jeff Hardy takes the Pillman bump from the top rope to the barricade. I thought they would settle into some sort of groove, but not really. Punk had some nice kicks, but they do a clunky front suplex from the buckles. If there is one limitation, Hardy has it is his inability to hit good strikes. This match called on that too much. He runs through his comeback sequence. Then they do the miss your spot, hit my spot, miss my spot, hit your spot. Which is admittedly better than hit my spot, hit your spot because at least there is a semblance of transition, but I didn't feel like Punk/Hardy really built a lot of drama in this match. I did think Punk had some really good offense here, I like his kicks/slap sequence, busting out Low-Ki's Dragon Sleeper/Camel Clutch combo. There was just something about this match where it didn't feel like it built to a fever pitch. Whereas in the previous match, there was a great sense of escalation, here it just kinda was stuck. They did a good job with the Swanton Bomb, first it was missed and then Hardy ate knees. There did feel like there was an overreliance on Twists of Fate. Punk hits Go 2 Sleep to get two. He is in shock. Good pop for the kickout. Punk goes for the cover two times more. Then leaves with the title. Hardy brings him back in and hits the Swanton for the win. I am a big Jeff Hardy fan, but this just didn't feel climatic. There was some good stuff, but never really clicked for me. I remember loving the ladder match from Summerslam, so we shall see. ***

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