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[2009-08-23-WWE-Summerslam] Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler

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WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler - Summerslam 2009


Rey is so good at creating tension within moves. He is so small that you never know if he will land his move or it will be turn against him. There are a couple great cradles that Ziggler sat down on or Mysterio won control. This feeling of going either way really adds to the match. I thought this match was built around a succession of nearfalls throughout. Ziggler set the tone early with the powerslam, cover and then a cradle. Ziggler lost at the previous PPV and was here to win. Mysterio's moonsault at the beginning was breath-taking and I liked his rana from the apron. Ziggler hits a bucklebomb to take over. Ziggler is not very interesting on top. Chinlock city. Mysterio peppers in hope spots. Then the match is very similar to Savage/Steamboat from Mania III just a barrage of a pinning predicaments. Where the drama comes from the frequency of pinfall covers and they do it in such a way that is not from finishers but rather just interesting cradles and counters. The 619, missed splash, amateur cradle was a great nearfall for Ziggler. Ziggler looks for maybe a super gutbuster from the top but Rey hits a top rope frakensteiner to win. Just a really good match. Ziggler had/has a good look to him. There is a lot of nostalgia looking at Ziggler with the bleached hair and animal print. He didn't show me much here. I felt like Rey was holding his hand. I think Ziggler would grow into being a great bumper, which was NOT on display here, but really never was able to have a presence in the ring on offense. Rey did a great job building drama down the stretch with a barrage of nearfalls. ***1/2

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