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[1989-07-29-WWF-Saturday Night's Main Event] Demolition vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (2/3 falls)


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Two of my favorite teams. This is for the tag team championships.


Demo were always one of my favouite tag teams as a kid and i always get a big smile as soon as their music hits. Tully and Ax start things off and Tully sneaks a punch on Smash on the apron. He soon bails to the outside but Smash is there waiting for him, who picks him up and press slams him right back into the ring.


The Demos take it in turns to punch poor Tully, who's bumping is really great here. Ax is soon caught in the corner and Arn and Tully try double teaming him but he manages to fight out and it spills to the outside and this is now a mauling by the Demos and the brainbusters regroup with Heenan.


Arn is suddenly the legal man and he gets in control until Smash dumps him on his ass and the Demos remain on top until Tully quickly blind tags in and the busters finally look to get some sustained offense in.


Arn now in and SPINEBUSTER ~~~~!!!! gets a 2 count. Tully gets in to double team Smash until Smash dumps Arn on the top rope and gets the pin to take the first fall.


Back from a break and the Demos are still in control as Ax is working over Arn. Tully manages to tag in and he's straight on Smash by ramming his throat into the bottom rope and the busters start double teaming Ax. Excellent work here as cut the ring off and Arn keeps Ax close to Tully. Ax manages to tag Smash in though and he goes HAM on both Arn and Tully.


Heenan gets on the apron and takes quite a nasty bump when Smash rams his throat in the corner post. Didn't look nice for Bobby tbh. Demos work over Tully in the ring and Andre makes his way out.


They hit their finisher on Tully but can't get a pin as the ref waives them off and the second fall ends in a DQ. Busters get the second fall and now it's 1-1. Did the ref DQ them for the prolonged double team then here?


Back from an ad break and Ax again is in there with Tully, who takes a big flying bump over the top ropes. Ax and Arn trade blows until Arn gets an atomic drop into the corner and they both bump heads. Arn gets the tag to Tully but so does Ax to Smash, who throws Tully into the corner.


Andre throws Arn a chair, who wallops Smash over the back of the head and Arn covers Smash to win the match and to finally end Demolition's title reign.


This was ok. Constant action with very little down time, but with a DQ in the second fall and fuckery in the third, it was very chaotic. There wasn't really much time for a sustained FIP segment either and as soon as any the Busters tried to gain some control, the Demos cut them off before long. But Tully was usually the one in sole trouble at times. Still a fun match thanks to Tully and his bumping, stooging and selling everything. It was mainly a story of Demos using their power and the busters doing anything to survive and using ways to stay in there and use any advantage they could to get the win.

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