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[2011-05-20-EVOLVE 8] Sami Callihan vs Brodie Lee


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Sami Callihan vs Brodie Lee (Evolve 8)

This starts out similar to the Finlay match when Callihan goes straight for Lee as soon as the bell sounds but is met with a thunderous heavy slap to the face.

Definetly felt that one already.

I like the main basis of the match and thst again Sami uses the working from underneath formula that suits him. He's just trying to survive early on here as every attempt at some offense is met with clubs by Lee.

Some heavy slaps from Lee in this and Callihan and Lee engage in a killer chop battle. Callihan brings some big kicks to bring Lee down but Lee comes back with a big boot. Always love a big boot.

Callihan flips out the referee when he asks Callihan if he wants to quit. More defiance here just like in the Finlay match. Sami goes through the ropes and it descends into a brawl on the outside. More heavy chops and Sami is dead.

You've just gotta get behind Sami here as that plucky but tough babyface as he keeps coming back at Lee.

Last stretch of the match consists of both of them hitting everything and both getting some nearfalls. Lee can't keep Callihan down for good as he keeps surviving and fighting back and he rolls up Lee for a close 2 count.

Lee hits a Liger Bomb for 2 here too.

Sami eventually gets his comeback and hits one hell of a stiff flying forearm. He eventually puts Lee in the Stretch Muffler and he ends up tapping out.

Really enjoyed this. In this and the Finlay match, Sami is great as the underdog babyface surviving best he could but bringing the tenacity and toughness needed to come back and take it both of them. He just won't stay down and no matter what they throw at him, he hangs on in there without a care. Another good, stiff match.

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I didn't dig this match as much as I thought I would on first watch. I've never been all that sold on Sami Callihan. Not that I ever thought he was a bad worker, I just don't dig his look or his character all that much. Plus, five minutes in and we've got a chop battle, which get on my nerves more often than not. Then, there was that missed chop to the post that never really got followed up on.




The second time through, I dug this match. The chop battle doesn't last all that long, and Brodie Lee ain't the type of guy that's gonna work over a hand. So, I chucked that shit out the window and what we have here is a really tight, physical match. There's no real fat on this at all. Just a shade under fifteen minutes of Lee and Callihan beatin' the breaks off of each other, with a good, simple story to boot. Lee, in particular, is awesome at cutting off Callihan's offense. I liked that Sami didn't really get a sustained run of offense until a little over halfway through the match, but he got enough shots in along the way that when he finally does get his momentum, it doesn't come out of nowhere. I can say what I want about his haircut or whatever, but he's a tenacious little fucker in this match. I get the feeling Lee could work this match in his sleep, and I really wish he could get the chance to show this kind of stuff in the WWE. That Liger Bomb and Spinning Truck Stop both ruled.


The ending wasn't what I expected, but I liked the fact that they didn't drag the tap out for too long and it was also cool that they didn't beat ya over the head with legwork. There was just enough that it felt earned.


Solid match, and even though that venue looks like a cool place to watch our great sport, a bigger crowd gettin' loud really would've amped this match up.

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