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  1. southofheavy

    Bull Nakano

    Whoever they are, not a damn one of them wore Megadeth shirts to the ring.
  2. southofheavy

    Jaguar Yokota

    I'm contemplating submitting a ballot this go round. At the very least, I'll be participating in the discussions. One great thing about all these threads is that they serve as a guidebook and they're great for inspiring one to check out workers they've never seen before. So, having never seen a Jaguar Yokota match before, I did a youtube search. A seven minute match vs Leilani Kai comes up. As I regard Ms. Kai as a homegirl and certified ass stomper, I figured this would be a solid TV match and a perfect introduction to Jaguar. WOW. She leaps off the screen. Total conviction, blistering execution, and she is so fierce. I am an instant fan and regardless of whether I do a ballot, my next mission is watching as much Jaguar Yokota as I can. Thanks, everyone.
  3. southofheavy

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Dude, you're reaching here. Hard. "Not interested" is about as diplomatic as it gets and he doesn't owe WWE or the fans a damn thing regarding that situation. As far as him opening up in regards to kayfabe, things change and so do people. Yeah, he's getting paid, but at the same time, he's got a lot to offer by opening up. Not to mention the fact if he were to do a podcast using his old approach, it'd probably come off a little silly.
  4. southofheavy

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Instead of working with a toxic company that treated him like shit for the fans, the fans can mosey on over to his podcast.
  5. This. I have zero desire to bother with mainstream music and it's been that way for a long time. Whenever I have the unfortunate circumstance of seeing it do its thing, I am reminded why. There is nothing there for me. Frankly, Bad Bunny was annoying as piss.
  6. southofheavy

    Wrestling Bookers

    Daniel Bryan. From what I've gathered, he's had a significant amount of influence over his angles since he returned. He knows how to get them over, got himself over as a heel after being the most over face in wrestling before he had to retire, and has shown that he has a good eye for talent. Hell, he could even reeducate the audience to accept more matwork, taking his matches with Gulak into consideration.
  7. southofheavy

    Jimmy Rave's Retirement and Arm Amputation

    Awful, awful news. I remember him getting clean some years ago and I was hoping it would lead to a career renaissance for him. It never really materialized and it's a shame. I think there's a bit more room for a heel like him now, and he's young enough that he could've had a good run in AEW. When I go back and watch old RoH shows, he's a guy that I always make a point to watch. I dug the guy back then, but I have a greater appreciation for him now, and his work has aged better than some of his contemporaries.
  8. Man, I thought I was the only one. I'm just not seeing it. And I HATE the tank.
  9. southofheavy


    Really dug how you handled that Kawada match. He absolutely would be vulnerable in a shoot-style match, but he's still Kawada and can kick someone's head off if he catches them. Yamazaki looked really strong in defeat, so that was played perfectly. I like how Brock is being brought along slowly, beating names with some credibility without rocketing up the card.
  10. southofheavy

    The Decline of NXT - When? How? Why?

    Remember when 2 Outta 3 Falls matches were THE gimmick match in NXT? A big part of what helped NXT feel fresh and different was how stripped down it was in terms of stipulations. It was a savvy move, because WWE has gimmick matches out the nose that feuds get shoehorned into just because. Those gimmick matches are kneecapped because they can't do blood and, for the most part, the promotion and workers are damn near incapable of conveying any sort of real hatred. A cage match shouldn't need weapons and they shouldn't be about big, athletic spots. By going with that 2/3 stip, it let NXT lean into what worked and what they did best. I think the last couple years of NXT has really shown that HHH can't all an audible when he should. Gargano and Ciampa should've been kept far, far away from each other a long time ago. I'd even argue that once Ciampa got injured the first time, that should've been it for the angle. I'll reiterate the Keith Lee point by saying I don't need to. Ember Moon should've beat Asuka for the belt, instead of winning it in a Fatal Four Way after Asuka got injured. He's too committed to seeing his story through instead of...doing what's best for business. (Sorry. Had to.)
  11. southofheavy


    Man, you have a loaded roster and so many dream matches in the holster. I'm really stoked to see where you take this.
  12. No. Not in a world with FTR, The Briscoes and Dustin Rhodes. He is, however, one of the best bases of all time. Cesaro's How to Catch a Damn Dive 101 should be a mandatory course.
  13. southofheavy

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    Thank you.
  14. southofheavy

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    That's adorable. Now, if you're not gonna answer the question, kindly go piss up a rope.
  15. southofheavy

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    Yeah, actually, I didnt. But hey, that's kinda how I talk.