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[2000-10-21-IWA-MS-KOTDM 2000: Night Two] Suicide Kid vs Todd Morton


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This match didn't know what it wanted to be. It had indie standoff spots, Kid flying from the iron structure of the roof missing a legdrop in a nasty spot and other general stuff that tried to make it feel like Benoit vs Guerrero from 1995 ECW. Beyond that though, it had this heated story with Palmer and Morton cheating their way to victory until Ian comes out to dispute and Todd starts throwing chairs and signs in a reckless manner. Overall, a pretty big mess and Kid just was never going to be that top flight worker even before he retired due to injuries. **

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-21-IWA-MS-KOTDM 2000: Night Two] Suicide Kid vs Todd Morton
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Todd Morton promises a straight up technical match, giving the people “the best fucking wrestling match they’ve ever seen in this building”.  How do the fans respond to that?  Chanting “You’re a faggot” at him.  Nice!  This is taking an age to get going.  Once you get past the gay slurs being thrown around the opening exchanges aren’t bad, Kid even busting out the Tiger Mask spinning drop toe hold.  Kid mistimes a huracanrana before a superkick sends Morton to the outside.  Asai moonsault, Kid’s trajectory slightly off though.  They trade punches on the floor before we get the Christian York spot, Morton backdropping Kid into the ropes, which he rebound off and comes back with a DDT onto the concrete.  Morton counters a missile dropkick with a powerbomb, these goons chanting “you fucked up!” at them, even though they didn’t.  A pair of snap suplexes followed by a brainbuster.  Big powerbomb for a two.  He slingshots Kid into the turnbuckles then distracts the referee so Harry Palmer, who is in his corner, can choke him over the ropes.  Morton telegraphs a backdrop as they sloppily run through the Guerrero/Malenko series of pinfalls and reversals.  Kid kicks out after a fist drop from the middle and starts to fire back.  Handspring elbow, Tajiri he ain’t mind.  Split legged moonsault, Morton getting a shoulder up on the lateral press.  Kid is now doing these contrived Rob Van Dam spots.  Palmer hands Morton some powder which he throws in the face of his opponent.  Even though this is in full view of the referee he does nothing.  Morton gets behind the official and yells “come on Kid” as Kid swings wildly.  The ‘blinded’ Kid eventually boots the ref in the gut and powerbombs the referee.  Is he a complete imbecile?  Morton is bare chested, the ref is wearing a loose fitting shirt WHICH HE GRABS when executing the powerbomb.  Boy do I absolutely spots like that the makes the face look like a cretin.  Palmer and Morton laugh about their plan working, although they’re not laughing for long as Kid hits a shiranui.  He exits the ring, and the door, and then next think you know he is up in the rafters, traversing his way across the wooden beams supporting the roofing.  LEGDROP FROM THE RAFTERS IS MISSED and Morton with a press slam into a facebuster for the win.  As he and Palmer celebrate their win as well as Morton becoming the new IWA-MS Heavyweight champion in the process, the celebrations are interrupted by Ian Rotten.  Ian claims that they have rules around here and Morton doesn’t meet the height requirements, so if he wants to continue working in the IWA he needs to hand the belt over.  Morton doesn’t take too kindly to the request, reckless throwing chairs into the ring, one inadvertently landing on Kid who is still laid out.  ‘The boss’ then sets up a ladder match for the next show; the belt to be hung from the rafters while Harry Palmer to be handcuffed to him at ringside.

I may be going out on a limb here but I don’t think this was “the best fucking wrestling match” the people in this building have seen.  It started off well but was very sloppy in places, while Kid seems to be someone who watches plenty of stuff then tries to incorporate it into his output.  The legdrop from the rafters into the ring was up there with anything Ric Blade has done all year.  Absolutely detested the spot where he powerbombed the referee.  Had a tough time ranking this, I’ve placed it third for the month in IWA but think that could be too high and it could feasibly go below the midget match.

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