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[2017-06-18-Lucha Memes] Iron Kid vs Demus 3:16


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I keep up with lucha ok usually, but I saw this pretty high up on a list in the MOTY thread and hadn't watched it yet, and it really delivered. I generally love the opening to a match in which the first wrestler to enter dives onto the second one before they enter the ring, and Iron Kid tries that here but Demus doesn't so much catch him as redirects him, flinging him from the top of his head into a post. We then get a nice beatdown including some fork action. Iron Kid hits some really beautiful dives when he eventually gets back on offense. There's also a moment near and dear to my heart where Iron Kid attempts to start a pissing contest chest slap exchange, which tends to bore me 9 times out of 10, and Demus just kicks him in the gut instead. Finally, the finish is a move that absolutely should be the finish, and all of this somehow happens in seven minutes. I loved this, and was very happy to make it the first wrestling match I watched in 2018. ****1/2

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Demus is quickly becoming my favourite lucha wrestlers. He stands at a mere 5'3, but he's a vicious little troll who's not afraid to play nasty. With his beefy build and awesome face paint, he has a brilliant look. Before the bell even rings, a failed dive attempt by Iron Kid sees him crashing violently into the crowd. What ensues next is a brawl around the ring. Demus rips open Kid's mask and goes to town on his forehead with a fork. Iron Kid gets a comeback going after hitting some beautiful planchas. Demus has a brutal looking finish. A beautiful, grimy lucha sprint. 


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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-06-18-Lucha Memes] Iron Kid vs Demus 3:16

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