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[2017-01-29-Lucha in the 6-Carnaval de Lucha] Josh Alexander vs Desean Pratt


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Tim Evans selected this match for me for the Match Swap.


This is my first time seeing this promotion or Pratt sans mask. The promotion left a lot to be desired. It is in a gym that is devoid of quality sound and not much heat throughout. The announcers were ok I suppose but certainly indie-rific. They also utilize a Los Luchas Cam that is extremely annoying and reminded me of the Reffer Eye in 1991 WCW. The actual in ring work was good. Alexander uses his size to gain control and Pratt is fun working underneath. Pratt has bulked up a lot so it is tougher for someone like him to garner sympathy than in his Amasis days but he is able to emote to convey the struggle. Pratt's comeback was well done up until he goes for a sloppy 450 that was supposed to eat knees of Alexander but ended up being knee to knee contact. The match from there loses its focus as they go into a reversal of pinfalls with Pratt able to come out on the upper hand. The story was that he survived the onslaught and the monster but I would have liked to have seen him be a bit more resourceful. Overall, I thought there were some good basic themes here but some opportunities lost and the aesthetic of the promotion detracted from my overall enjoyment.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-01-29-Lucha in the 6-Carnaval de Lucha] Josh Alexander vs Desean Pratt

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