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[2000-10-21-ECWA] Reckless Youth vs Scoot Andrews


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A really solid match playing off what we saw earlier in the night. Reckless gets the hot start but Scoot takes back over on offense. I do think this type of match was a snippet of what the indies could become throughout the decade. These two didn’t go out to have a MOTYC but they are doing more moves than in your typical 1980’s style match. Beyond that though, they understand their roles and the roll up that Youth gets to win the match feels refreshing and well deserved. I am certain Youth will find a spot on my year end top 100. Scoot probably doesn’t have enough to make it but I do think there was a ton of opportunity for him to become a bigger name than he did. *** (6.2)

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A smooth as reversal of the wristlock by Reckless who then takes Andrews down whilst keeping the hold applied.  Scoot escapes, Reckless then escapes his side headlock and he’s back at that wrist.  Just nice clean wrestling going on here.  Inverted atomic drop by Youth.  Scoot reverses a whip to the corner, but Reckless sidesteps his charge and sits him on the middle turnbuckle.  He joins him up there and hits a middle rope jawbreaker.  Hat Guy is in attendance, again, he’s not even facing the camera and you can see him!  Reckless counters the attempted side slam with a headscissors and then backdrops him over the top rope to the outside.  Tope suicida!  Back inside Scoot catches Reckless with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, dropping him across his own knee.  A real slack cover after the dropkick though, choosing to put just one hand on Youth’s chest.  Butterfly suplex and the cover is slightly better this time.  Scoot tosses him to the floor where he rams his back into the apron.  Reckless blocks the suicideplex, countering with a face first superplex, before coming off the top with a flying knee to the side of the head.  As he leaps to the middle rope, Scoot is right behind him, grabbing him by the vest and yanking him backwards to the mat.  Scoot misses the top rope legdrop as Reckless then starts to fire back.  Asai moonsault.  What I would call a spinning ‘Sicilian slice’, but Scoot gets a foot over the ropes to break the count.  Andrews keeps hold of the arm on the Irish whip and lands a powerslam.  At the second time of trying he lands the suicideplex, although that takes it out of both men.  Exploder suplex for a near fall.  Scoot sits his opponent up top, however Reckless fires away with some shots to the mid-section and lands a super inverted atomic drop.  Brainbuster followed by a frog splash for a great near fall.  Andrews ducks a right hand and again goes for the ‘Pumphandle Driver’, this time though Reckless flips over and ties him up in an awesome rolling cradle for the win.

Good match with both working hard.  Some innovative stuff in there as well as plenty of real nice wrestling which was right up my street.  Of all the people who went through their system and got runs in the WWF, or shot after shot, it’s criminal that Reckless Youth never got a chance on the main roster.  Yeah, back then there is every likelihood he would’ve been relegated to working with Essa Rios and Crash Holly on Metal but he deserved that chance at least.

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