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[2000-10-21-MCW-TV] Tracy Smothers vs Jerry Lawler vs K-Krush


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Clips of the house show match and the Power Pro retaliation. The entire crew runs down and beats up the MCW trio. MCW’s crew comes out and runs off the Power Pro guys with some heavy shots being thrown at Brandon Baxter. Through all of this, Tracy gets rolled up allowing Krush to retain the title. We then cut to a Tazz promo as he hypes the final battle between him and Lawler. Good promo by Tazz here. NR

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The final few minutes of a house show match from the 10/14 Shelby County show where, just like they’d promised on that morning’s TV, the Power Pro crew made their presence felt. Led by Spellbinder, Derrick King, Koko B. Ware, Khan, Brandon Baxter, Brickhouse Brown and Charlie Laird arrive through the back of the building and attack the three of them with weapons while Randy Hales watches on from ringside. The beating only goes on for about thirty seconds before the locker room empties and the Power Pro guys high tail it out of there. As Lawler looks on trying to work out what just happened, Tracey taps him on the shoulder and ‘the King’ backhands him away. Smothers stumbles and Krush is there to capitalise with a roll up to retain the MCW title.


A Tazz promo for next week’s ‘Final Battle’ follows and he’s not happy that he, a WWF superstar, an MTV megastar, has to belittle himself by coming to a scumbag state like Arkansas just to kick Jerry Lawler’s ass! He says that he’s not only going to kick his ass and end his career in this final confrontation, but he’s also going to tear his f*cking head off (bleeped naturally!).

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-21-MCW-TV] Tracy Smothers vs Jerry Lawler vs K-Krush

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