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[2000-10-21-MCW-TV] Tracy Smothers vs Joey Abs


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Another Tracy tv match where he is the master of his craft and leads Abs into a really fun match with Abs working mostly from underneath. This didn’t have as much shit talk from Tracy but he does mix up the action and his arsenal throughout. The finish was one I dug too with the young guys in the promotion that Tracy has hated on all running out, this bewildering Tracy and the referee allowing Lance Cade to paste him with a chair allowing Abs to get the win. **1/2

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Abs tries to grab Tracey before the match has even begun, but Smothers hops out of the ring to the floor where he calls for a time-out! Yup, before the match has even gotten underway! A pair of arm drags and Tracey complains of an illegal hook of the arm, a yank of the trunks and a pull of the hair all at the same time! Drop down, big shoulder tackle and he still isn’t happy, moaning about something else to the referee. Joey drops him with a lariat but Smothers gets the knees up when he goes for the splash out of the corner. David Jett talks about how Tracey impressed him last week, and that he was one of the star players when MCW invaded MPPW. Sunset flip by Abs, however he can’t take Tracey over and Smothers gives him a double thrust to the throat. He then sits on his chest, flexes the guns, but now Abs does take him over, belatedly completing the sunset flip and getting a two count. Heel kick to the back of the head by Tracey for another two. The DDT attempt is blocked as Joey lifts Smothers up and drops him chest first to the mat. Huge powerslam followed by a gorilla press slam. Low blow by Tracey, when out runs all four members of the ‘Kliq 2000’. Shooter Schultz is up on the apron distracting the referee allowing Lance Cade to blast Smothers over the head with a steel chair. ‘Absolution’ for the win as the students revel in Tracey’s loss on the outside.


This period of Tracey Smothers, pretty much ever since the ‘Texas & Tennessee’ tag team is my favourite stuff of his for the year. He’s just very fun and entertaining to watch here. A bit goofy with the FBI dancing, but old school heel tactics and no matter what the size of the crowd (and this one isn’t the biggest) always manages to get a reaction out of them with his antics.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-21-MCW-TV] Tracy Smothers vs Joey Abs

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