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[1995-07-13-UWFi] Kiyoshi Tamura vs Joe Malenko


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I'm a Joe Malenko fan. This was all matwork, which is a good thing. Not exactly huge drama or storytelling going on here, but a total grappling clinic. Malenko mentions he is older than Tamura and there is def. a theme of the super fast young superstar taking on a wily veteran. This was a bit the opposite of the usual maestro match, as instead of Malenko using his experience to counter Tamura it was mostly Malenko twisting and pretzeling the fuck out of his younger opponent. It was almost like pro wrestling psychology vs. shootstyle psychology as Malenko was always grabbing a toe or ankle in order to twist it, digging a knee or elbow into Tamura's face etc. While Tamura was always looking for an armbar to finish his opponent immediately. Tamura looked slick as hell in the process and Joe put him over like a pro. Strong match albeit for the purists only.

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