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[1992-09-23-NJPW-Battle Autumn '92] Great Muta vs Shinya Hashimoto

Superstar Sleeze

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IWGP Heavyweight Champion The Great Muta vs Shinya Hashimoto - NJPW 9/23/92


Really unique match. It is all about getting The Great Muta over as this violent monster in a way a more sadistic Undertaker. Hashimoto beats the shit out of Muta for the first four minutes, but about a minute in you notice something weird. Muta isn't fighting back and he is not really selling. Hashimoto is getting more and more frustrated that Muta is not fighting back. He is really not doing anything. I am thinking to myself "Oh God, another weird Muta performance". Then Hashimoto gets on his knees with arms open to say "Hit me". Muta just unloads. Throws him to the outside and beats the shit out of him with chairs. It was great so now Hashimoto no sells and Muta says "Fuck you!" by clawing at his eyes, biting his forehead and choking him with a cord. It was brutal. Muta goes for his back handspring elbow and Hashimoto kicks him right out of the air. Monsters don't do gymnastics. Hashimoto hits an amazing snap belly-to-belly suplex. That might be the best belly-to-belly suplex I have ever seen. Muta blocks the DDT...MIST...Hashimoto ducks...DDT! Hashimoto 1-2-NO! Good nearfall. Hashimoto lines up for an elbow and typical Muta fashion, he just casually rolls out. Hashimoto is like what the fuck. He whips him into the railing and leaves him out there. Bad idea. Muta loads his boot with a giant spike. Muta brings in a chair. Hashimoto heads him off at the pass. Rifles him with kicks. He has control of the chair. MIST! Hahsimoto is in the middle of swinging and still whacks Muta. Great! Muta comes crashing down with two brutal double knees from the top on Hashimoto's back. Hashimoto is selling the mist and his back so well. Muta hits repeated kneedrops. I thought he was going to carve Hash open with the spike, but the spike was just to load the boot. Hashimoto keeps kicking out. Moonsault does him in. Honestly, unlike any match I have ever seen. Violent, maniacal zombie Muta was an interesting foil to asskicker Hashimoto. They kicked the shit out of each other and I thought the finish was really well done. It is hard to rate because I have never seen anything like this. I am going to high and then revisit. ****1/2

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