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[2000-10-21-NWA Wildside-TV] Ricky Noble vs Jason Cross


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Ok match between two young guys that do have some potential. Cross has an array of highspots that is every bit as spectacular as AJ Styles including a beautiful corkscrew moonsault he gets huge air on. Beyond that, he doesn’t have a lot of connecting moves and his character here seemed to be spotty as he took shortcuts and was clearly the heel but again did too much flashy offense for that to hit. We hear Noble has only worked for a two years and he was fine with some good looking power moves but also some bad rope running and confusion in a couple of spots. Overall a decent look at some potential big players upcoming in NWA Wildside. **1/4

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No introductions or anything as we join the footage with the action already under way  Noble clotheslines Cross over the top out to the hard wooden floor, however when he grabs him by the hair to pull him back up to the apron, Cross rakes him across the eyes and then snaps his neck across the top rope.  Standing shooting star press by Cross.  The commentators say how they have never seen that before and, although commonplace now, you forget how rare a move like that was back in 2000.  A beautiful huracanrana from Cross but Noble avoids the corkscrew legdrop.  They blow a wheelbarrow spot and in the end Cross just grabs a side headlock.  That was ugly.  A Noble kneelift draws an Ed Leslie comparison, this time the move being done by a talented wrestler though!  The action plays second fiddle for a moment as the commentary team go off on a tangent and take heavy pot shots at ECW.  Apparently no ECW fans will be watching this Wildside show because they’re all out looting or stocking up on the latest date rape drug so they can score with their best friend’s 14 year old sister!  Ouch!  Cross continues to show his athleticism with a double backflip followed by a leg lariat to Noble who is in the corner, Cross sailing out over the top rope to the floor.  Noble rolls out the way of the Phoenix Splash and hits ‘Rigor Mortis’, a floatover DDT.  Despite that being his finisher Cross kicks out, so Noble gives him a full nelson slam.  As he makes the cover he’s jumped by Air Paris and John Phoenix for the DQ.  Paris is compared to David Koresh, as an almost cult like leader who draw these young wrestler’s into his web.  The American Males make the save and prevent Noble from taken too much of a beating from the trio.

I’m sure Jason Cross ends up in early ROH at some point.  He’s real green here but his athleticism is off the charts; the standing shooting star, backflips, the height he gets on the Phoenix splash etc.  Noble didn’t show me much and even back in 2000 I’m amazed that the commentator’s were able to get away with some of the stuff they were saying here.

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