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[1992-11-22-NJPW-Wrestling Scramble Tour] Great Muta vs Sting

Superstar Sleeze

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IWGP Heavyweight Champion The Great Muta vs Sting - NJPW 11/22/92


Not nearly as good as the awesome Hashimoto match, but this is still pretty damn entertaining. Once you understand the Great Muta character as this stalking, maniacal monster his matches become a lot more interesting. Sting is controlling via the arm early. Muta is missing moves here and there to keep it moving allowing Sting to go back to the arm. Then Muta just goes into glorious heel offense, deep eye rakes, whips into the railing, scaring the photographers, choking with the cord. This dude is a master heel. He reminds me of heel Jimmy Snuka or early Undertaker. Just a slow moving, demonic presence. I love Sting's comeback. He catches him on the back handspring elbow onto railing and then sends him into the railing. Then he does the Stinger Splash onto Muta when he is on the railing. Good symmetry. Nice Military Press back into the ring and even crazier bump when he Military Presses from the ring to the floor! Muta kicks the ref while in the Argentine backbreaker and loads his boot with the spike. He goes up top for the kneedrop, but misses and Sting puts him in the Figure-4! Love it! The ref finds the spike and pulls it out and breaks the hold to reset the match. Finishes with a whimper as Muta hits his backbreaker/moonsault combo to win. I was hoping for something more diabolical. Thought Sting have a dry performance but the stuff on the outside was good. Great Muta heel performance. ***3/4

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