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Between the Sheets #129 (January 3-9, 1989)


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Kris & David are guestless this week as we discuss the week that was January 3-9, 1989. We talk about the Mega Powers’ pending breakup, Terry Taylor’s “mistreatment” by the WWF, New Japan’s plans for Sid Vicious, Tommy Rich & Mr. Donnie no longer hosting Southern Championship Wrestling, Jerry Lawler’s war with the AWA, Ricky Steamboat signing with the NWA, and Dusty Rhodes a member of the Horsemen…..all that and more on this week’s BTS, so don’t miss it!!!!!


0:00:00 WWF
0:52:35 Int’l: AJPW, NJPW, AJW, & WWC
1:15:09 Classic Commercial Break
1:19:31 Housekeeping/Groceries/The Amazon Game
2:05:53 Other USA: ACW, SCW, CWF, CWA, WCCW, AWA, POWW, Portland, & Potpourri
3:09:58 NWA
4:09:35 Patreon preview


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I've gotten back to listening to some of the podcasts I've missed and noticed that I was mentioned by Kriz during the WWC section. I also don't remember at the moment if the discussion was on air or off, but to confirm and clarify, I did mention in my conversation with Kris and Dylan that, to the general population, the belief is that Invader was not at fault since he was found not guilty by the court. Setting aside any trial legitimacy misgivings that one may have (depending on if you believe there was some shadiness a foot and how much), you have to remember that the general population only has what was presented as the story of events that occurred during the trial as well as the final verdict. In a world where kayfabe was still alive and where you have the information presented at face value (with not much of a reason to doubt it or dig further), most people just accept that it was self defense. That is not to say that there aren't people that feel the whole thing was a travesty, but to the regular joe on the street around at that time, you go with what is given as the reason. He was found not guilty, so it must be what they say happened. Again, this is just mentioning the reality of how the general public viewed it at the time and many still do (at least from a certain generation, those that have come of age online may and probably have a different viewpoint). Heck, there are people that claim that Invader didn't do it, that he was the one that took the rap because he stood a better chance of being acquitted than whoever it was that did it. I honestly believe we will never get a real account of what really happened.


As to some of the other talking points:

  • I know that everyone is suspicious of the trial being postponed until Jan. 24 (I believe the original date was Jan. 3), but from my view I think people ask the wrong question about this. What I find odd is not so much that the trial was postponed, it is more why was it scheduled to start Jan. 3 to begin with.
  • I've always said that the crowds falling off because of Brody dying is overblown. It's been stated by others that it was the direct cause of the fall-off, but it's hard to back that up by looking at the crowds
  • I've talked before about what Embry's said (I think on the Steve Austin podcast thread). I remain skeptical about some of his claims (specifically about the phone call he received), but do not know if his claim that Jovica drunkenly told him of the amount paid to get off Invader is true or not. As an aside, a poster at the Puerto Rico wrestling history Facebook group has disputed Embry's claim but not in regards to Jovica telling him that. What he disputes is Embry's claim of how much Jovica said he paid off , with the poster saying 'a case wasn't worth that amount of money back then'.
  • Rick Martel i think also appeared at the December 88 year end shows. Supposedly there was a La Gran Guerra match which featured Colon-TNT-Martel-Ron Starr vs. Ayala-Chicky-Jason the Terrible-Ron Garvin. It's also the card Tatsumi Fujinami appeared on.
  • Having typed those names, it also seems that the narrative of talent boycotting the island may be also overblown (not that it didn't happen, but not to the degree that it's sometimes presented of nobody daring to go there).
  • Actually, Hercules Ayala did leave the promotion after this match. I think he moved to Canada. He would come back for some weekend shots in 1991 before joining the AWF. Steve Strong would come in to take his spot in Chicky Starr's stable shortly after this match.
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