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  1. El Boricua

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    El Profe, he managed all three members of the Ninja Express.
  2. Wow, congratulations Phil. Much success for you and Chris Bryan with this.
  3. El Boricua

    GWE Non-Thread Worthy Comments

    I don't see him in the list of nominees, so if you want to nominate him go right ahead.
  4. El Boricua

    Ayako Hamada

    Did she have anything notable during her TNA run? I know she's been wrestling more in Mexico these past few years.
  5. El Boricua

    Who Are the Best Hubs?

    Terry Funk is another one that casts a wide net as a hub.
  6. El Boricua

    El Mesias/Ricky Banderas//Mil Muertes

    He's been active these past few years, as Boss Rock mentioned he's recently been appearing for MLW and also there's more IWA footage from the 00s that has popped up. Just remember that you'll find matches of his under the names Ricky Banderas, El Mesias, Mil Muertes and most recently Gilbert el Boricua.
  7. El Boricua

    Carlos Colon

    Back with the answer of how old they are here. This match is from July 27, 2013. That means that Carlos had just turned 65 a week and a half before the match. And he's actually the younger of the two, Invader was 67 here. The reason I mention this is that not a lot of people realize that almost all of the Puerto Rico footage we have of Carlos and Invader is from their mid to late 30s and on. Invader is 40 in 1986, Carlos is 40 in 1988.
  8. El Boricua

    El Dandy

    There's another trios match and a singles match between El Dandy and Ray Gonzalez that've turned up fairly recently.
  9. El Boricua

    Speaking Out and Ranking Wrestlers

    This is along the lines of my thoughts on what wrestling is. For the most part, except for cases where the work itself is impacted by or a cause of who or what the wrestler is or did, the issue at hand is not so much where does this person rank based on their output or work, it's what does it say about me if I am endorsing or accepting of the work/output from this person.
  10. El Boricua

    Inca Peruano

    There's some tv matches from Puerto Rico from 82-83 with him as Tomayo, mainly serving as JTTS. Don't know if that's helpful in giving more of a picture for him but I'm mentioning it just in case.
  11. El Boricua

    Carlos Colon

    I'm going to be more active this time around with providing info and context for the Puerto Rico candidates. I do have to organize and see what's out there in order to try to provide as full a picture as possible. But, I want to get a temperature check of sorts. Without looking it up and based on the following match, how old would you say Carlos Colon and Invader are here? And how would you rate their match and/or performance?
  12. El Boricua

    2026 Ideas

    Yeah, that's a massive undertaking, you'd have to be nuts to try to do that. So, I guess I'll be doing that. Also, there is some 80 stuff that's turned up as well.
  13. El Boricua

    2026 Ideas

    Even if you speak Spanish, the differences between Mexican Spanish vs Puerto Rican Spanish vs Colombian Spanish vs et al can be confusing particularly when the same words can have entirely different meanings in each place. Cadence as well, sometimes smugness.
  14. El Boricua

    2026 Ideas

    I've looked at my ballot from 2016 and already there are things I know I'd change or ask myself why I voted for/left off so and so or why are they so high/low, so who knows where I'll be 5 years from now. Going by what I did in 2016, I had Carlos Colon and Invader 1 back to back in my rankings and both in my top 20. Not sure where they'll land or if they'll be in the same rank order this time (I wavered back and forth a lot between who to rank ahead there). Abdullah also made my list and that's definitely influenced by all of the Puerto Rico work I've seen from him throughout all of my years as a fan. I'd agree that any look at Abdullah must include his Puerto Rico work to get a fuller picture. It's an absolute shame that we don't really have much of the early to mid 80's footage,that would definitely help someone like Invader 3 since we're missing his work here as Johnny Rivera in the junior division as well as his stuff from 84 and 85 (also more footage that would help flesh out more his 86 and 87). I'd have to see what has turned up footage wise for him these last years, but there's also his work in WWWF as Johnny Rivera and some Japan tours. Someone that also falls into this category is Super Medico 1/Jose Estrada, where we're missing a lot of his 80s work as Super Medico footage wise. Chicky Starr is actually someone that may be helped a bit by the footage that has popped up, since it does include more of a sampling of his 90s and 00's work. The big name I'd say likely benefits from the footage that has popped up is Ray Gonzalez, last time it was hard to point people to matches for him but there's been a bit more that's turned up from his 90s and 00's work that may help give a fuller picture of his career. One guy whose Puerto Rico work probably makes up a notable part of an evaluation of him is Ron Starr, someone who is criminally underrated and unknown even by more knowledgeable fans. The increase of 00s footage helps people such as Ricky Banderas/El Mesias/Mil Muertes and TNT/Savio Vega, maybe helps flesh out Miguel Perez Jr a bit. Two of my favorites from that 00's period are Shane the Glamour Boy and Slash Venom (Flash Flanagan) so more IWA footage at least helps me point people towards some more of their stuff. There are wrestlers who had notable stints in Puerto Rico where their cases are mainly made elsewhere, but their Puerto Rico stuff may add some more flavor to their deep dives such as Terry Funk, Stan Hansen, Bruiser Brody, Eric Embry, Los Pastores, Dutch Mantell, Eddie Gilbert and Dick Murdoch (if you want to see how he was in the early 90s). I'll try to look through what's available and see if i can put together a sampler list of these candidates. I should probably also try to restart that historical tidbits/context thread in the 80s set forum. While Puerto Rico managed to get an 80s set, it was basically the last gasp (along with Portland) so there wasn't as wide of a focus and evaluation of it like the other sets got. Plus, with the stuff that's turned up, I can add a bit more than what was on the sets and also correct some things I had wrong in the information. I
  15. El Boricua

    2026 Ideas

    If it's of any use, I'll be around if anyone wants to look at Puerto Rico candidates.