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[1993-12-13-NJPW-Final Battle] Shinya Hashimoto vs Power Warrior

Superstar Sleeze

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IWGP Heavyweight Champion Shinya Hashimoto vs Power Warrior - NJPW 12/13/93


I was expecting the Hoss Battle of the Century here. I am remember really liking their 1/4/95 match, but I actually don't remember anything about it besides the fact I really liked it. I thought this was a pretty good I run through my routine you run through your routine match because at the end of the day they both have really good movesets. I was hoping for more testosterone and macho pissing contests. Sasaki controls early on the mat and he is not half bad. I am more pissed about the fact that Hashimoto was in a cross armbreaker for as long as he was and didn't even sell. He really shouldn't be in one for that long either. Sasaki executed it fine. I thought the holds were well-executed especially the Scorpion Deathlock; Hashimoto just didn't sell. Hashimoto drawing Sasaki into a macho pissing contest of chops seemed like a smart strategy for Hash once he started destroying him with kicks. Then Sasaki hit a lariat and bulldog. There was this weird stretch where nothing seemed to matter and they just hit moves. Like Hashimoto hits a missile dropkick and then Sasaki hits a suplex. At some point Saski does gain control and runs through his finish stretch. He has a hot submission move with is like a headscissors neck vice. It is over. if there is one thing New Japan does better than any other pro style company is get submissions over. Hashimoto escapes and sweeps the leg! Sasaki sells the leg! Hashimoto works over the leg before hitting a pair of DDTs and a German. Bunch of kick outs there. Hashimoto is ready to finish him. Sasaki kneelift back to the submission good wrinkle in the Hashimoto finish run to give Sasaki one last gasp. I liked the transition to the finish a lot. Sasaki goes for the bulldog again but Hashimoto turns into him quickly snaps off a deep armdrag and then hits a vicious DDT for the win. That's what was missing from the match better transitions. People were just taking over willy nilly. More missed moves and mistakes. More struggle. New Japan needs more grit. ***1/4

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