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[2000-10-22-ECW-Hardcore TV] Rob Van Dam vs E.Z. Money


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Decent match which overachieved given how spotty both workers are, I was expecting the worse. RVD for the most part stayed focused here and nothing was outrageously blown. The match takes a usual structure of show off spots in the beginning, a slight heat segment on RVD in the middle and then the RVD greatest hits parade to win the match at the end. RVD's still over with the crowd but his stock has plummeted for me watching 2000 week in and week out. **1/ 2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-22-ECW-Hardcore TV] Rob Van Dam vs E.Z. Money
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Whoever edited this for TV did us an almighty favour, editing out the Rob Van Dam entrance.  We go straight into a commercial break and when we return Van Dam has got E.Z. backed into the corner as he kicks away at him.  ‘Rolling Thunder’ splash and he’s already playing to the crowd.  A spinning leg lariat sends Money through the ropes to the floor, Van Dam following him to the outside.  Moonsault press of the guard rail and he then ducks back into the ring to bow to the audience.  Fuck off!  Slingshot guillotine legdrop, Fonzie holding a chair over E.Z.’s face.  Of course he doesn’t follow up on that, preferring to hi five the fans.  As he gets up to the apron Money shoulder charges him in the mid-section, however Van Dam blocks the suplex attempt and rams his head into the turnbuckle.  He springs to the top turnbuckle but E.Z. gives him a shove on the backside sending flying to the floor.  Down at ringside Money whips RVD into the metal guardrail, then doing the same to Fonzie.  Joey Styles points out that’s smart thinking on his part what with Fonzie playing an integral role in some of Van Dam’s offense.  ‘Money Clip’ for a two.  After looking to wear him down a bit more with a chinlock he hits the ‘Bank Roll’ (crash landing/release suplex), although is still unable to put him away.  E.Z. runs into a back elbow and a RVD springboard side kick drops him.  Van Dam then runs through his shit and Fonzie assisted shit, taking time to pose and bow in between, before getting the victory after the ‘Five Star’ frog splash.  The ‘Van Daminator’ looked the most preposterous thing of the lot, having been crotched on the top rope E.Z. Money has to sit there, Fonzie holding a chair in front of his face while Van Dam climbs to the top turnbuckle and eggs the crowd on with their encouragement.  No he can’t fight back or attempt to move the chair out the way, just sit there.

Not too long ago I was very close to stopping watching Rob Van Dam’s matches.  There’s only two months left of the year now and I’ve endured him for this long so will persevere; this is the straw that broke the Camel’s back though.  In a vacuum, on its own, this would’ve been bearable (I loathe to even include E.Z. Money in this because the problem is 100% Rob Van Dam) but I’ve had a gutful of his antics, the posing, the ridiculous playing to the crowd, the fucking bowing mid-match, his opponent conveniently falling into position all the time, Fonzie’s interference, Fonzie hamming it up and the cumulative effect of ten months of that just pushed me over the edge.  One of the positives of ECW going out of business at the start of 2001 is that I will never have to see this obnoxious crap he does (I don’t remember him being anywhere near as bad as this in the WWF) again.

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