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[2000-10-23-WWF-Raw] Los Conquistadores vs Edge & Christian

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Funny segment to set this all up with an interview segment backstage with Conquistadors and E&C. We then cut to another backstage segment where Foley wants to see Edge. When Edge returns, we discover the Dudleys sent Christian through a table and with his hurt shoulder, Edge will have to go about it on his own. Cut to the match and here come the Conquistadors rolling around. One punches back at Edge hardly and he starts speaking English to the South American duo. Something is awry and then all of a sudden we get a twist of fate and Swantom for the win for the Conquistadors. Foley appears at the ramp and explains that the cameras were rolling when E&C admitted to the patsy Conquistadors they were dressed up as them last night. He allows their title change to stand but also awards tonights match to the Hardy's making them the tag champs. Fun conclusion to this portion of the angle. *

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Michael Cole congratulates the new WWF World tag team champions, Los Conquistadores, but doesn’t think they’re really going to be defending them against Edge & Christian.  Just as he’s giving them the nudge, nudge, wink, wink, they’re joined by Edge & Christian.  The shorter of the two Conquistadores looks very much like Christopher Daniels by the way.  Edge doesn’t appreciate Cole’s condescending tone and tells him that this should prove without a shadow of a doubt that the Conquistadores and Edge and Christian cannot be one and the same.

Christian is deciding on what pair of shades tonight when they’re interrupted by Pete Gas who is playing messenger boy for Commissioner Foley.

Edge returns from seeing Foley saying how he wasn’t even there, but finds Christian now laid out on a broken table clutching his shoulder.  He lets him know that it was the Dudleys who did this to him and that they should postpone the title match.  A confident Edge says that it’s only the Conquistadores, he can handle this himself and he’ll bring the titles home.

Hmmm, that’s a different set of Conquistadore than what we saw earlier.  Edge has a look of concern on his face, like this wasn’t who he was expecting, but as the match gets going he’s handling Uno comfortably.  When Uno gets a two count off an inside cradle Edge gives him a shove as if to say “that wasn’t part of the plan”.  The Conquistadore tags his partner and the two of them unload on Edge in the corner.  They whip him to the opposite one, ‘Poetry in Motion’, ‘Twist of Fate’ and the penny drops with ‘the King’.  The ‘Swanton bomb’ follows and Los Conquistadores retain the gold, subsequently revealing themselves on the entrance way to be Matt & Jeff Hardy.  Commissioner Foley joins them on the stage and Lawler thinks he’s coming to straighten this out.  Mick’s all confused, wondering how the Hardy Boyz can be the Conquistadores when they wrestled them last night at No Mercy.  Anyway he has some footage to share, as, following Michael Cole’s interview with the Conquistadores earlier in the day, the videotape was still running after he left the room and wasn’t switched off.  The tape then catches Edge & Christian thanking the Conquistadores for everything they’ve done so far, saying that they won’t be needed again after tonight’s ‘match’ and admitting to being the Conquistadores at No Mercy.  That directly defied the mandate Foley had given them, so he subsequently arranged a further meeting between the Hardy Boyz and the Conquistadores.  The upshot is that the Commissioner is allowing last night’s title change, however he’s also allowing tonight’s, meaning that the WWF tag team champions are Los Conquista-Hardyz.

The Hardyz do a much better job than Edge & Christian in concealing their identity as I had it was no idea it was them until the ‘Poetry in Motion’.

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