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[2000-10-25-ACW] Backseat Boyz vs Nick Berk & Vince Bono


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One of the weirder venues of the year as it looks like a restaurant banquet hall and a legit 20 people watching the match. Knowing that, this was perfectly fine for what they did. BSB are good at stooging and doing multiple spots where Trent’s face ends up in Johnny’s crotch. They do some brawling on the outside and into the big banquet tables and the stage. BSB come back and put it away pretty quickly with the Last Call. Little Guido helps with the run in after the match and even with the bounced checks from ECW, it has to be better than this. *1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-25-ACW] Backseat Boyz vs Nick Berk & Vince Bono
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We’ve seen some thinly attended shows this year but this might be the thinnest of the lot, there can’t be any more than two dozen people here, just rows of empty tables in what looks like some sort of dining hall.  He may call himself ‘Hollywood’ Vince Bono however there is absolutely nothing Hollywood looking about him!  Trent takes an exaggerated bump from a Berk upper cut as the two of them go at it on a nearby stage.  Back in the ring the comedy continues as first a drop toe hold sees him end up on top of Johnny in a 69 position, and then after a double noggin knocker he ends up headbutting the prone Kashmere in the crotch when falling to the mat.  Double axe handle off the apron to the floor by Bono.  Robbie Moreno, who is managing the Backseats tonight, takes a bump as everyone again ends up fighting it out at ringside.  Kashmere piledrives Berk on the wooden stage and then goes to help his partner, hitting the ‘Acid Bomb’ on Bono for the win.  A random motley crew including the Rockin’ Rebel, Little Guido and Van Hammer join Trent and Johnny in laying a beating on Bono and Berk until three unimpressive dudes from the back run out and clear the ring.  We get a bit of mic work that isn’t the clearest and a tag match between some of those involved in the run in is set up for later in the show.

The comedy and antics of the Backseat Boyz kept this interesting, but I imagine when they saw that crowd that made up their minds of how this one was going to go.  Even stranger  than Little Guido showing up is Van Hammer, and the trio of them and the Rockin’ Rebel is straight out of 1990’s WAR.  Bono may also have some of the most blatant kayfabe killing punches you’re likely to see the way he stamps the floor whenever he throws one.

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