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[2000-10-25-ECCW-Halloween Hell] Tony Kozina vs Weed


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A decent junior style match. This match reminded me of the 3rd match out of 11 on an IWA-MS 2003 show. Tony works over the leg of Weed and Weed's selling isn't great but Tony does come back to it. Weed's biggest positive is his energy and he does get the crowd to rally around him somewhat. Run in finish was blah but overall this match didn't feel like a total waste of time, it just wasn't exceptional given the limitations of both workers. **1/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-25-ECCW-Halloween Hell] Tony Kozina vs Weed
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Apparently everybody likes Weed, snigger, snigger.  The two are wrestling this clean, which doesn’t sit well with one of the commentators who not only wants to see a bit more intensity between the combatants but also wants to see them taking advantage of the openings that are there.  Weed makes the first cover of the match, although only picks up a one count following a backdrop.  He runs into a Kozina big boot as ‘the Tornado’ then goes about working over his opponent’s left leg.  The momentum in the match switches back to Weed and he lands a Lionsault for a two.  Kozina eats a clubbing clothesline which sends him rolling under the bottom rope to the outside where Weed nails him with a plancha from the top turnbuckle to the floor.  He suplexes ‘the Tornado’ back inside and then comes off the top again with high crossbody for another near fall.  As he heads up top for the third time, Kozina is up and sweeps one of his legs away before superplexing him to the mat.  Kozina returns to targeting that left leg and even though Weed kicks him off on the attempted Figure Four, it doesn’t stop the attack.  Nice double underhook suplex.  Weed floats over on the vertical suplex and hits inverted DDT.  He throws some kicks, which don’t really have much behind them, and when he misses a swinging right, Kozina lifts him up by the leg and drops him across his own knee.  Dragon screw leg whip, he locks in the Figure Four when out runs Rockstar 2000 who puts the boots to him.  Not content he then turns his attention to Weed, taking his frustrations out on both men in annoyance at being overlooked for the upcoming Pacific Cup, something that the two of them are both a part of.

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