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[2000-10-25-ECCW-Halloween Hell] Torch vs Disco Fury


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About the same level as Kozina vs Weed but slightly lower in not having something like Kozina's leg work to tie things together a bit better. This was mainly just a collection of spots and I didn't really see either guy as having a high ceiling based on what we saw here. Best spot was probably a comedic spot of Disco Fury literally running out of the building for fear. Rockford interferes again like the prior match and all the junior roster comes out to set up a Pinnacle Cup in the future. *3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-25-ECCW-Halloween Hell] Torch vs Disco Fury
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An NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight title match (Disco Fury is the champion by the way), featuring some standard Junior fare wrestling to get us underway.  Torch drops to his back to avoid the running crossbody only to then start celebrating to the fans like he’s won or something.  After turning back around he rushes at Disco who gives him a helping hand, turfing him through the ropes and to the outside.  He comes off the apron with a double axe handle however Torch gets in first with a punch to the gut.  Torch eats a superkick on the floor before Disco slingshots him back into the ring.  Crossbody off the top.  Torch avoids the charge and Disco straddles himself across the middle turnbuckle.  Slingshot blockbuster.  Spinning heel kick but they’re too close to the ropes.  Slingshot elbow drop, a slack cover allowing Disco to kick out.  As payback for earlier Torch throws Disco through the ropes to the floor and then takes him out with a pescado.  He’s once again playing to the fans, forgetting about his opponent who clubs him from behind before sprinting off around the building.  Back inside Disco with a drop toe hold, Torch landing throat first onto the middle rope.  The champion takes his time heading upstairs and Torch dropkicks him in the knee causing him to lose his balance.  Viagra Driver (think Assault Driver) for a near fall.  Something that starts out looking like it’s going to be a reverse DDT, but is then turned into a cutter.  Torch not only screams Indy with his gear, with his offense too.  He overshoots the Lionsault however the commentators, who aren’t bad at all, cover for him, calling it a moonsault headbutt.  Disco gets a shoulder up following a diving headbutt when out, for the second time tonight, comes Rockstar 2000.  Amusingly the fans start chanting “Go away” at him!  As Torch is distracted Disco hooks him with a sunset flip for the win.  In turn we then get Weed, Tony Kozina, Average Joe and the rest of the participants of the Pacific Cup showing up and going at it in the ring.  Acting Commissioner Chance Beckett manages to restore some order, but it’s not long before he and Torch come to blows.  Two final big dives, one by each, onto the rest of the competitors who are now at ringside as they continue to hype the upcoming Pacific Cup.

Torch needs some new ring gear as he screams “backyarder” by the way he looks; he’s also pretty bad in the ring, no transitions and just goes from one spot to the next.  Things were better when Disco was controlling but this is primarily a primer for the Pacific Cup.  Props to the commentary team here who I thought were much better than the match they were calling, even if I did think the one was going to be annoying with his heel anti-Torch shtick.

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