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[1995-08-20-IWA Japan] Dan Severn vs Tarzan Goto


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"Shoot. It's a shoot. These guys are shooting. A shoot, bro. If you think for one second that this is some sort of work, you’re out of your mind. TOTAL SHOOT"


GAHD. STOP. The announcing probably soured me on this far more than the work deserved but it was nauseating at times to hear that term used so liberally. Honestly, it isn't something that makes you actually think something isn't going to plan, in wrestling it has the complete inverse effect. When Goto got busted open and went to bottle Dan I thought things were legit going south. They brawled into the crowd and roughed each other up like they were actually in the King of the Deathmatch tourney itself. I started to question whether that knee to Goto's head was a bit stiff and he took umbrage to it or not. Then it came, like a roar amidst the silence, IT'S A SHOOOOOOOOOT and it all became crystal clear this was all in the book.


It's a pity, as their brawl was the highlight of their entire match. The opening was fine enough albeit sluggish heavyweight action backended with a decent nearfall finishing run. Nothing spectacular but it had its purpose. But, man, those few minutes of violence were great. If anyone else is on the Severn kick with Segunda Caida, then those few minutes are required viewing.


But, don't forget, it's a shoot.

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