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  1. Rah

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    You can still be outraged by something that you fully expect to happen. Besides, I think the issue of "it's been a thing forever, why no scorn back then?" sweeps these issues under the rug. It's whataboutism under a different guise. Perhaps people have matured since, perhaps people haven't but this show has given a platform for people to collectively unite against a very real problem in wrestling. Before, it was a subset of fans within a niche hobby reacting to yet another Flair story (or a couple posters replying to the latest update in a PWO thread [example]). The impact had no importance in the grander scheme because the majority discourse was still "Ric Flair GOAT". We now have a collective platform to rewrite that discourse and I'm happy for it. Terri Runnels saying that these things were normal and she was told to "no sell it" is heartbreaking. We can't change 2002, but if we can stop that in 2021 great! Is it decades too late? Absolutely. Do I care it didn't happen before? Yes, of course, but I'm so glad it's finally happening and I hope this keeps the ball rolling for all the other perpetrators in the industry. Fuck Flair. Fuck Lawler. Fuck [insert name here].
  2. Rah

    Stock Rising/Stock Falling

    Rising: Meiko Satomura Stupendously great wrestler. Out of this world good across two decades and gets massive points for being a "plug-and-play" wrestler in that her story arcs are encapsulated within her matches (so you don't need to have "been there for it" to get them) and you can pretty much slap on one of her matches and find an at least good performance. Falling: Kawada Blaming this one on @elliott. He made a point regarding Kawada's selling being illogical and I just can't unsee it now - no matter how many matches I view. I do think he does a lot of things that make him great but his KO spot feels like doing cool shit for the sake of cool shit over functional narrative. The American indy guys get a lot of flak for "King's Road cosplay" but Kawada doesn't feel much different in that department. When you're looking at the upper echelon even the smallest quibbles make landslide differences. I don't think this is a small quibble, either.
  3. Rah

    All Elite Wrestling

    Are you sure about that? I haven't seen him wrestling in donkey's years (because that guy can't wrestle for shit) but I vividly recall him standing next to Mike Tyson and being taller than him. He also had a time pre-big body around 2010ish tagging with LA Knight and he was around the same height (billed 6'1").
  4. I want to say there was a post by @rovert that was all "hush hush wink wink nudge nudge" about there being a lot more to the story (difficult to work with?) but that might've been about another wrestler.
  5. I'd imagine it's the optics of actively scouting and hiring someone they know is a racist. That was her last bit of "fame" in the press. Hogan and Warrior should never have been given what they were in the past decade but they're much bigger names in terms of their wrestling than what they've done/said. That is the sad reality. Lars was already employed when all that stuff was discovered, right? So there it's more an "aww shit, you know contracts and stuff, what we gonna do, brother?". It's the Chyna/Google test. "If someone sees we did X and Googles then what are they going to see in the first results?" There's nothing negative on Hogan nor Warrior (Warrior pulls up a "tragic death" headline for sympathy) whereas Tessa's first page is solely about her career faux-pas. The fact that the Usos are still a thing and their DUIs are used as jokes in programming is despicable. I'd imagine a lot of people who would jump on the "WWE hiring a racist" bandwagon don't even bat an eye to the Usos so WWE know they can get away with murder here. WWE has no moral high ground, it's money above all. Vince probably sees her as a possible star but the risks don't equate to the possible rewards.
  6. Rah

    AEW Dynamite - Sept 8 2021

    Still better looking than someone walking out in their underwear to cut a promo. I've said it before, but the most refreshing thing about AEW to me is that these guys look and act like PEOPLE. Though it could just be that I'm from Africa and have done a lot of business with Congolese so I'm just used to Les Sapeurs.
  7. Rah

    WWE TV 09/06 - 09/12 All Out of Clever Titles

    Queen/Charles of wrestling indeed.
  8. Rah

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Throwing some more coal into the gossip train:
  9. To be fair, I haven't seen AAA in a long while so it's both refreshing and unbelievably surprising that Konan has progressed away from that. I was fully imagining Bryan being part of this year's El Consejo/La Comision and having unending swerves with Dorian Trolldan and getting deathkissed by Pimpi.
  10. Rah

    All Elite Wrestling

    AEW needs to better present the talent they have in their women's division before they bring in CHHHarlotte to run roughshod. I love Andrade but let's just send them to AAA and keep everyone happy.
  11. Rah

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    If rumours are true, how is Adam Cole "no big loss" if Vince is shoving a million dollars at him to be a MANAGER?
  12. Thinking logically, I believe: 1) Bryan is too expensive for indy bookings - but this is where we're going to get him delivering what we want 2) CMLL either don't know who he is or would book his tour in random trios matches before losing a hair match against Casas (not the worst but we want more singles) 3) AAA books him and he's in garbage match trios with tons of interference and it's a waste of everyone's time. 4) Tony being the world's best internet forum dork flies in these luchadores for nobody other than a small handful of fans' enjoyment. @Phil Schneider has his number, yeah? Let's do it.
  13. Bryan idolises Blue Panther. I don't see this not happening.
  14. Rah

    Io Shirai