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  1. This devolved into Joey apparently DM'ing MSL "threats" (read: "you're in Orlando, watch your back") and MSL responding by screenshotting and tagging TK and TBS with the hopes of Janela getting canned. I'm getting vibes MSL is more than just a petty douchebag. Also, if Court is styling and profiling while paying $300 per 10-hour production run which span over weeks upon weeks of "TV time" (on the high end contracts) that's really lame.
  2. Anyone know the story between Janela and MLW/MLW's COO? This isn't a good look for MSL. EDIT Seems the thread starts here:
  3. Rah


    There is also a fancam of this match that I believe I still have (September 1983): CIEN CARAS, MÁSCARA AÑO 2000 Y CÉSAR CURIEL VS. COLOSO COLOSETTI, ENFERMERO JR. (JAQUE MATE) Y MS-1 But I'm not sure it's going to sway any votes.
  4. Rah

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Fully agree with that point, @sek69(sorry don't know how to quote on mobile). It read to me as someone going 'those folks love themselves some Friends and Game of Thrones, let's mash some names together!'
  5. Rah

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I think a lot of the Günther controversy is overblown and right now a victim of search engine optimization. It feels like someone saw that name and went looking for a scoop. When it got traction, Google sees 'wrestling fans' are interested in 'Wehrmacht officers' and feeds that site posted above at the top of your feed. For instance, on a fresh browser I get links to a few Günther Starks related to theatre and film before I even get mention of the Günther in question. My mom's family is German, and we have a strong German community in one of our provinces. Stark and Günther are not the most common names but you'll find them relatively easily (fair play, I haven't seen it together before). Besides, a certain (old time) poster of this board has a far more egregiously linked name to Nazism than Günther Stark. Sometimes a name is just a name.
  6. Rah

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Mustafa Ali just requested his release. According to SRS he hasn't been on paternity leave. Reading between the lines, WWE has kept him on ice for some reason. I guess he got sick of waiting?
  7. He converted to Islam as a teenager and I guess that either stuck with him after he turned atheist (unsure of the date he denounced religion so perhaps he still was at that time) or he already had a hatred for alcohol because he lost friends to alcohol and drug abuse. There was a podcast a few years ago where he said alcohol was a 'scourge'.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the conspiracy back in 2014 that Corey got the commentating/panelist job because the situation surrounding that last concussion was a little sketchy. Like, they gave him the job as a hush-money type deal? I can fully expect this being a Vince panic move to have their own Punk since AEW lapped the original up.
  9. Rah

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    He has bigger fish to fry (and this is only feeding his narrative) https://www.votedrake.com/
  10. Rah

    'Super Porky' Brazo de Plata

    I don't want to be a Debbie Downer or anything but going through the Brazos trios stuff is difficult to do whenever Porky is involved. I don't think he straddles the line between serious and comedic well and often times will bring the flow of a match down to a screeching halt so he can shoe horn in one of his recycled spots. There was a match I watched recently where he blew the spot and just reset everyone so he could do it again. That isn't the sign of a good worker. I find him incredibly fun in small bursts, usually in his latter career, but I don't see an argument for him here.
  11. Rah

    Mickie James

    Then don't post? It's simple. There are a myriad of wrestlers I will never vote for and I've left their threads alone because I either can't add anything valuable to spur discussion or I don't have the care to do so. If you want to focus your energy on your list of wrestlers only then do that. Leave these threads for actual discussion on the topic (both positive and negative) because that's the point of the thread - discussion. If you want to say she's not in the top 100 female workers, great, but why?
  12. Rah

    Daniel Bryan

    Do we need to rein Danielson in a bit? WingedEagle's post highlights what I mean. When given the appropriate springboard to leap from he hits great heights but, without it, he's not on that same level. It's easier to deliver hit after hit when you're only given the opportunity and opponents to do so. I'd be keen to see some reevaluation closer to the deadline where Danielson is wrestling on a more consistent basis as well as when the novelty factor has worn off.
  13. Rah

    Blue Panther

    @cad How high were you on the Astro/Panther match? After going through your post, and Panther looking like the lucha HBK, I'd be interested to see how you found it. That was the real head-scratcher for me. It was poorly executed overselling with bad comedic elements to it. I think that's the match I have the biggest disconnect with anyone, frankly.
  14. Rah

    Separated at Birth?

    Necrobump for Punk's latest Instagram post: Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland
  15. I'd love for Danielson to take the TNT title (or a new title) in a similar vein to the FCW 15 championship (15 minute time limit matches). A shorter time limit allows for non-losses for guys who shouldn't be going down. If anything, they might even get a small rub in that they hung with Danielson for the 15 minutes. It gives Danielson a streak, without needing to steamroll through the roster, and eventually putting someone over huge. I really enjoyed what they did with Richie Steamboat in that FCW title. First match was competitive, second match almost won, then they go to a longer time limit match where the champion finally loses.