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  1. They announced it as "extract" an eye - which sounds like a weird verb to use to literally gouge an eye out. Cheap copout? Both have the letter 'i' on their clothes...
  2. Rah

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I imagine with the July 4th celebrations it's just going to get that much worse. Just to express how stupidity isn't locality based, people in my country do wear their masks when in public but remove their masks when they need to talk to someone else. Then my fellow SAfricans wonder why we're the third highest country in terms of new infections. Daft.
  3. Rah

    Independent Wrestling.TV

    independentwrestling.tv That's the URL - not sure why it won't link in this comment. Helluva lot of promotions.
  4. He's aces. If you've got time, check out Thatcher/Oney (Biff) from Beyond Wrestling. It was free on Youtube the last I checked. Fantastic match.
  5. Taz exposed himself to a 15 year old back in 1991 I'm not sure how to validate the news clipping, so if someone could (or point me in the right direction how to), that would be wonderful.
  6. I haven't cross-checked the allegations against him, but what stood out to me was how he would preface every "allegation" (stressing this word, too) by stating he had no knowledge of this happening and trying to distance himself from complicity while robotically postfacing his explanations with how those coming out are entitled to their feelings. It felt like the most lawyerlike way of calling the allegations bullshit.
  7. Released from the mental hospital/asylum that is Titan Towers?
  8. Summerslam - The Biggest Quarantine of the Summer~
  9. I dunno, Marty trained her at Rev Pro before this incident even happened: Her claim was also that, while plastered drunk, he had her underwear off, penis out before her friend saw them and told him to leave.
  10. Rah

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Per Meltzer At this point wouldn't shutting down for a bit be the best option? At best we avoid unnecessary contractions of Covid-19, at worst it gives talent time to be out of the drudgery/staleness of the product that a lot of them have fallen in to.
  11. Making racist, misogynistic and homophobic remarks about talent/trainees to others in Chikara. The same person accuses Quack of taking advantage of his position to sleep with a trainee(s?). Hopefully things become clearer. IIRC, and this is going back a while, didn't Quackenbush forbid EMTs from removing a wrestler's mask so his identity wouldn't be exposed in front of the audience? I think it was Lince. He also fired Jigsaw for removing his mask in RoH. So he's definitely a bit short-tempered. Of course that's unrelated to the accusations now, just a tidbit that goes against Chikara's image of family-friendly entertainment. I'm looking in from afar here but wasn't there accusations against IGN (or a staff member) quite a while back? Hopefully those speaking out are given respect in doing so, because it was a shit show before. I don't think gaming or wrestling is quite there yet, in terms of fostering systemic change for the better, but it's a huge step forward compared to where we were a decade ago.
  12. Candice LeRay's tweet about Joey is heartbreaking. To me, what makes Joey's actions stick out that much more, is how he did that spot with Sienna where she stopped the match to talk about getting consent just as he was about to make her grab his dick. That and another interview he did (Youshoot?) where he says that he gets explicit consent before each of his matches and doesn't expect any women to do something they're uncomfortable with really hammers home what a crock of shit he is.
  13. I think it's important for these 'woke' superstars to remain in WWE. Not only for the reasons outlined above, but because their position gives power to their words. There's a repeating pattern in the beliefs of these survivors - that this is paying your dues, boys being boys and just how things are. With people like Pete Dunne vocally saying it's not OK, it helps people in vulnerable positions to understand that it's not OK. I don't know, it reads a bit deeper than that to me. From what I gathered Cabana took an interest in the survivor's physical appearance (before or directly surrounding her 16th birthday). Creepy but legal(?). Her number was passed on and she was informed to do whatever he wanted sexually. Whether that's the promoter pimping her out to keep Colt happy or he had asked directly for her, I don't know. Taking a liking to someone and the promoter delivering her to you on a silver, sexual platter surely sends off alarm bells that this is prostituting talent, doesn't it? He seemed equally happy with the 'replacement'. In the context of the post, of course there is a mismatch in 'severity' but, at the very least, this is Colt turning a blind eye to something terrible.