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[2000-10-26-WWF-Smackdown] Rikishi vs Too Cool (Handicap)


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Stone Cold starts the show and gives his side of the story on Sunday night. Austin's story doesn't really match up tot he smell test but ok. We learn that Austin can't touch Rikishi until he is provoked. Backstage, Rikishi meets with Too Cool where they try to talk some sense into Rikishi. Rikishi stumbles over his words and is really faltering here. At least they are jumping to the Austin cage match quickly on Raw. Match is a squash for Rikishi as he battles them on the outside. Too Cool gets some quick moments and the worm is teased but Rikishi stuffs that out and gives the Samoan Drop to both members to finish off the Too Cool run as a trio once and for all. Rikishi calls out Austin and we see him busted open backstage. Austin makes it to ringside but gets attacked by Rikishi and he gives him the Bonsai Drop to end the show. RIkishi was awkward backstage with the promo but he looked like a bad ass between the Too Cool squash and beating up Austin so kudos there. 1/2*



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Steve Austin is out at the start of Smackdown to clear up a little misunderstanding over what happened at No Mercy.  He claims that after a spirited contest on Sunday night he offered Rikishi a ride to the parking lot in his truck, only for him to fall out of it and then be unable to get back up.  Realising he had done all he could for the man, he backed up ready to drive off when his car shot forward, the cops thinking he was trying to run Rikishi over like some big fat speed bump.  He wouldn’t do that and explained to the authorities that Steve Austin isn’t the kind of man who would bear a grudge.  With some additional help from Commissioner Foley they got everything straightened out and he has promised not to lay another finger on Rikishi, unless provoked, providing Foley honours his own promise of giving him Rikishi in a cage Monday night on Raw.

Rikishi has been watching all this play out on a TV screen backstage when he’s approached by Too Cool.  Grandmaster Sexay says that he’s put them in a bad spot and just wants him to let this thing with Austin go.  When he mentions that they’re worried about his safety, Rikishi takes great offence to that, questioning as to whether he looks like a man who is worried?  He goes on to say that if it wasn’t for him there would be no Too Cool, shoving past them and telling them both to stay out of his business.

Jonathan Coachman grabs a quick pre-match interview with Rikishi who greatly disputes Steve Austin’s version of events from No Mercy.

As Rikishi makes his way down to the ring for the match, Steve Austin is shown watching intently on a monitor in the back.  Too Cool goes to work on their former buddy, a double dropkick sending him through the ropes to the floor.  They follow him outside but he quickly gains the advantage, throwing Scotty into the ring steps and slamming the Grandmaster into the commentary table.  S2H avoids the sit down splash and Too Cool with a pair of superkicks.  Rikishi kicks out of the ‘Hip-Hop Drop’ so Scotty with a face jam before setting off on the W-O-R-M.  He doesn’t get to complete it though, Rikishi back to his feet and flooring him with a thrust kick.  ‘Bonzai Drop’ and this one’s over.  GMS does try to battle on after the match, but a ‘Samoan drop’ and ‘Bonzai Drop’ see to him too.  Rikishi grabs a microphone and calls out Austin (who the crowd are already chanting for) telling him that if he’s got any guts to bring his ass out here right now.  Well that’s all the provocation ‘Stone Cold’ needed!  As Austin opens the door he’s ambushed by someone wielding a wrench, busting him open.  Despite bleeding and being clocked over the head he struggles his way through the backstage and to the ring, Rikishi setting off to meet him on the way.  He comes out swinging but is in no real condition to fight and Rikishi soon hammers him down.  The segment finishes with Rikishi dragging Austin over to the corner and giving him a ‘Bonzai Drop’.

Yeah, Rikishi did look strong here but he needed the help of this mystery assailant to weaken ‘Stone Cold’ and even then Austin was competitive for a bit.  Not sure how we’re to think he stands any real chance on his own against him in a cage.

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