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[2000-10-28-MCW-TV] Tracy Smothers vs Lance Cade


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Rocker is the referee. Smothers continues to get great heat in Memphis and to help Cade develop along. I seem to be higher on Cade than the other commentators but I do see his raw potential and of course his size helps as he is taller than the large Smothers here. Only maybe 3 minutes of action but Smothers keeps things moving along and he sneaks in a low blow that Rocker "misses". Finish comes when Rocker gets fed up and superkicks Cade and then Tracy covers for the quick three count. *1/4

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The Fabulous Rocker is the referee for this bout, so MCW isn’t exclusively WWF contracted talent just yet. Smothers walks around ringside and beckons Cade to meet him on the outside which he’s got no problem in doing. As Lance jumps off the apron though Tracey with a shot to the mid-section. Cade blocks having his head rammed into the ring post and throws Smothers shoulder first into it. Tracey then rolls into the ring having had enough of fighting on the floor. Shoulder tackle by Lance and he doesn’t even bother with a cover, preferring to dish out a bit of ground and pound on his opponent instead. Flying back elbow, but Smothers is able to land some of those martial arts strikes before tossing Cade through the ropes to the floor. Lariat off the top back into the ring. Smothers with a back kick low blow out of the view of the Rocker as Kevin Kelly bemoans the rookie being woefully out of position. He starts to unload with some stiff chops but Lance is eventually able to reverse position and dish out some of his own. Running forearm smash and a further knife edge chop lifts Tracey off his feet. Out of nowhere though Rocker superkicks Cade, Tracey with the cover, and Rocker fast counts the fall as the two of them leave together.


Cade actually showed a fair bit of fire and intensity here firstly with the ‘ground and pound’, then on his comeback. Smothers continues his run of fun matches as he works with a host of different WWF developmental talent. Not too sure what he can get out of an alliance with the Fabulous Rocker mind!

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