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[2017-12-18-Monster Factory] Danny Cage vs Geddy Cahoon


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Brought to me by Secret Santo. This was an ok brawl, a lot of hit and miss stuff. Match was waaay too fucking long and it dragged a in a lot of parts, both wrestlers having to sell and walk to other ring to get weapons or set up stuff became annoying pretty fast, and for a "final fight" type of brawl this didn't look like anything that special. When the thumbtacks were introduced I thought this was going to get into a different level, at least in intensity, but it was still pretty much the same as the previous 2/3 of the match. I did like the selling and the overall story of what they were going for - kinda wish I could see more from Cage - just wasn't that convinced with the execution. The ending felt like a cop out and given how the previous action was just OK, it hurt more than helped.

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