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  1. Jmare007

    WWE TV 10/14 - 10/20 Randy Orton is the Tom Brady of WWE

    That was even faster than anticipated Bu bu bu Uncle Eric got this!
  2. Jmare007

    WWE TV 10/14 - 10/20 Randy Orton is the Tom Brady of WWE

    So Bryan stays on Smackdown? Nice, more chances for the Roman stuff to continue to build. If he stays babyface I'm sure he's gonna have a 6 month program with Corbin that will have Kawada losing his shit
  3. Would be amazing if the crowd cheers Roman and boos Seth. Though they'll probably just boo both and chant random bullshit throughout the match until a big spot happens.
  4. Even if it was Heyman's idea he'd be the first one leaking stuff about it all being Vince's fault
  5. This watch along reaction for the last few minutes is fucking priceless the DQ reaction is even better (at 3hr13min aprox.), Waltman got pissed lmao All of those things for SD are a thing of the past though, there's not a lot to look forward besides a Roman/Bryan alliance and possible/future break up. Completely forgot about the draft though. That's perfect for an optimistic (or blind) fan to continue to watch once there's new rosters (even though the brand split means jackshit right now) and possible future matchups. Oh well, I guess WWE will continue to mindfuck people to keep watching one way or another.
  6. Does WWE even have a program to force hardcore fans to fool themselves and keep watching hoping for shit to get better? Lesnar vs Cain ain't it. The women seem to be an endless loop with the same people on top (reminds me of the Cena/Batista/Orton years). Roman and Bryan are either gonna become a tag team and either do a slow burn to a future heel turn/program or just stay a tag for a while before "plans change". I'm way past giving them any benefit of the doubt and mainly focus on whatever Bryan is doing. But I'm trying to figure out what could a more optimistic fan (a notch below KawadaSmile, who could convince himself to watch at least every Smackdown because Cole is calling that show ) try to project/think about to convince himself to keep watching regularly.
  7. I thought Cole saved it quite well by saying it was symbolism for what he was about to do to Bryan. No clue where the hell that pencil came from though
  8. That was a damn good tag match, not sure what you guys are talking about.
  9. And just like that, Becky takes an AWESOME bump through that table.
  10. I've only been watching bits and pieces but every time I check the stream out, Sasha is taking a big bump
  11. Jmare007

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    In a week full of huge moments for wrestling, the biggest news to me came yesterday/today: 1) wXw booked Daisuke Ikeda vs Yuki Ishikawa for the 16 Carat Gold weekend. 2) WALTER is gonna work Big Japan's Sumo Hall show for Sekimoto's 20th anniversary match: WALTER & Sekimoto vs Okabayashi & Hino
  12. THE REMATCH! NCREDIBLE hoss battle, and a better kaju battle than Zeus vs Okabayashi (which is fucking saying something). It's a more condensed and more violent version of their draw from February, they also reversed roles, as Hino was the babyface having to fight from beneath. They beat the shit out of each other - the lariat exchanges near the end were as sick as their first match -, they do it in a slow(er) pace than most would, but it works for them because you can feel the damage every strike has. They do an awesome job at struggling for moves and trying to get the upper hand. This is a back and forth match, but every transition is earned. Hino was amazing here, his selling was out of this world and the spot were he grabs Sekimoto's leg to prevent him from hitting a match-ending lariat, to then slowly fight his way to hit a german suplex is one of my favorite spots in a match this year, might be my favorite. Daisuke has a couple of big no sells but I could live with them because it didn't actually lead to any excess, it was just to make him look like a monster that Hino had to slay.
  13. Jmare007

    The Wednesday Night War

    2.3 million people (aprox.) watching wrestling on a Wednesday from 1 brand new promotion and WWE's 3rd "brand" is a pretty damn cool.
  14. All that matters to me is that Roman/Bryan vs Bludgeon Brothers gets 20 minutes on PPV. I hope Rock actually shows up in Staples and isn't via satellite on Friday. I'll miss the show live but I'll check it out on Saturday mourning, would be cool if I don't feel the need to skip most of it.
  15. Jmare007

    AEW Dynamite Week 1

    Swagger is a very underwhelming choice for a reveal/surprise. Mox planting Kenny head first on a glass table felt more important and worthy of ending the show, imo. Having said that, it was a successful first show. They established Guevara, Riho and Swagger and started to promote the tag tournament, which will carry the show in the coming months. Did this show make me change and my mind and be interested enough to keep watching? Not really, but as I've said before, I'm not this show's audience. Unless MJF is on, I'm on anything they do right now.