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  1. Jmare007

    Current New Japan

    Is White really needed in this position for an Ibushi crowning moment/show? Once again this feels like Gedo forcing a scenario were at least 1 wrestler is gonna end up getting an L there was no need for him to get in a huge match(es). Then again, that's make it Gedo 101
  2. Jmare007

    Match Discussion Archive

  3. Jmare007

    Match Discussion Archive

    What happened to this? the 2020 section has been stuck in August for months now
  4. When Daniel Bryan and Edge were announced as part of the new creative teams I kinda joked that the IWC would always equate any good decision on Smackdown being DB's idea. Turns out he actually has been able to do good work for some people That's my GOAT y'all.
  5. Jmare007

    Bill Simmons to help produce multi-part Netflix documentary on Vince

    This might be the last time we get close access to Vince's fuckery so I'll be watching for sure. That said, Simmons preached for months that the Andre doc he produced for HBO was gonna be bullshit free because they were "doing it right" and the director was doing tons of research. But at the end of the day is was a very well done WWE piece. So I don't expect a lot of fighting back WWE narrative on this one. I just hope they at least don't repeat the line about Vince taking wrestling out of small, smoke filled arenas
  6. Jmare007

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Man, I just listened to the Jim Valley interview. I remember listening to a show early in the pandemic with him admitting he was in the high risk category and talking about how people like Reigns were right in pulling out of WWE shows. When I heard he had Covid it was a real bummer. So glad he was able to pull through.
  7. Jmare007

    WWE TV 10/19 - 10/25 No NBA, no happiness

    I just remember Drake Younger being the most positive, happy go lucky wrestler ever in Wrestling Road Diaries 1.
  8. Great sprint with these two just beating the shit out of each other. The difference on their strikes after the 3 minute mark until the end is pretty amazing, two savages going at it.
  9. Astronauts are the best damn tag team in the world right now. A lot to unpack here. First, Aoki has become kind of a protege for Ohtani ever since he was sent to Zero1 for like a year+ of tours and tournaments, so they enter the tag league with the kid wanting to show he can hang. On the other side you have Nomura and Abe having even MORE confidence than usual now that they have the tag belts with them. The disrespect from Abe to Ohtani was fucking hilarious, and so were Ohtani's comebacks on dude The main story though is Aoki getting isolated and bullied but wanting to show Ohtani he can do it. There's some good drama and the match is basically 14 minutes of stiff strikes and slaps...and we know Young Gawd is an expert on that front. This match was a blast, no way you don't have fun watching it.
  10. Jmare007

    G1 Climax 30

    Mutoh and Kensuke also caught massive Ls to end their reigns (after winning the G1). I don't think there's anyone close for Naito to lose to that is on Takada or Kawada's level/status (well, Kawada didn't get the belt but he did effectively end Sasaki's reign). Then again, there's no need to repeat those same "formulas". But if or when an IWGP champ wins the G-1 again, I think there's no question that it would have to lead to an even bigger title match down the line for when that person finally loses. And to be honest I don't see anyone on New Japan or an invader/outsider that fits that role at the moment.
  11. Jmare007

    G1 Climax 30

    A Block not only is insane in terms of cool matchups but the final day is one of the most interesting there's been in a long ass time. It also seems Ospray is either gonna get a really big push so he can enter the last show with chances of getting to the Finals, or he's gonna get a HUGE W by beating Okada and spoiling him from reaching the last match of the tourney.
  12. Jmare007

    Current New Japan

    B Block screams a heel Tana so he can carry that whole crew through his asshole charisma. The few instances we've gotten heel Tana he's always been tremendous, him doing a 2020 version of his 08's Champions Carnival (more grounded and old, obviously) would be dope.
  13. Jmare007

    Current New Japan

    Block A is fucking bonkers, good lawd. Block B is wide open for the finalist, maybe KENTA is the favorite? Not sure, could see a number of people going to the Finals. Not gonna watch a lot of matchups from this group but I can't say it won't be interesting at least.
  14. The story here is MiSu absolutely knows he's above Big Japan and certainly above Takuya da Young Gawd. So it's on Nomura to make this worth your time, and he quickly does. Kicking MiSu in the face and establishing he's here to fight. And fight they do. Loved MiSu laughing, having a good time and beating the shit out of Takuya. It was basically "oh so you wanna fight, aight then". The difference in elbows was massive, really liked how that played a big part in MiSu never really losing control of the match. At the end of the day, the kid is not ready to go toe to toe with Satan himself...yet. But he sure will try to make the most of it: he actually won the slap exchange Would LOVE to see Astronauts facing MiSu and someone else so we could see Abe and Suzuki go at it. He did stood up to him during this match... For someone that doesn't know Nomura, this will be a fun little match. For us that have been following him since day 1, this was a blast