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[1999-04-10-NJPW-Strong Style Symphony] Keiji Mutoh vs Don Frye

Superstar Sleeze

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IWGP Heavyweight Champion Keiji Mutoh vs Don Frye - NJPW Strong Style Symphony 4/10/99


Say what you will about Keiji Mutoh, but the dude was a draw not just as Great Muta. He drew 53,000 to the Dome on this show. Granted, Frye is a strong challenger, who wrestled in Inoki's last match, with a legit shoot background and this is a part of the big NWO Japan vs Team 2000 feud. But still here is Mutoh's undercard:


Masa Chono vs Onita - No Rope Explosive Barbed Wire


IWGP Tag Champs Kensuke Sasaki & Shiro Koshinaka vs Genichiro Tenryu & Tatsumi Fujinami.


No Hashimoto. No Ogawa. Mutoh drew 53k to the Dome on his own.


Never seen a Don Frye worked match before. Wow he throws the worst worked punches of all time. Those things miss by a country mile. You couldn't find a camera angle to make those look good. I usually love shooter vs pro wrestler, but just thought this was alright. The best part was the beginning right at the bell Mutoh hits two dropkicks that have Frye staggering. Then backbreaker->moonsault->kneebar. Hot way to open that gets over how big of a challenge Frye is for Mutoh. The wrestling is fine after. Mutoh gets a Dragon Leg Screw and he is pumped, but Frye hits "a punch". Frye works the leg, but Mutoh gets another dragon leg screw. Big pop from the Dome! The Dome hates Frye. Mutoh gets a barrage of dragon leg screws and then a figure-4. He gets "punched" going for a figure-4. Rear naked choke! This is Frye's big nearfall. Frye is "punching" Mutoh and it is just terrible. Mutoh starts unloading headbutts. Look at him go! Terrible punches by Frye. Dragon Leg Whip! Good break up of the figure-4 by Frye by standing up. Frye reigns down "punches". Mutoh just grabs the arm, double wristlock, cross armbreaker. LOL! I get this pro wrestling, but I just cant believe that Don Frye in the full mount reigning down punches is going to fall prey to a shitty cross armbreaker takeover from Keiji Freakin Mutoh. Don't bother. First minute is awesome, the rest is just ugh.

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