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[1999-01-04-NJPW-Wrestling World in Tokyo Dome] Kensuke Sasaki vs Atsushi Onita

Superstar Sleeze

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Kensuke Sasaki vs Atsushi Onita - NJPW 1/4/99


FIREBALL~! Wrestling needs more fireballs.


New Japan feels so loaded right now. Mutoh is winning the title. Hashimoto vs Ogawa raging. Now ONITA is in New Japan! He debuts in the Tokyo Dome and you can tell from the pre-match package that Riki Choshu thinks he can draw money. Onita's promo style, leather jacket and hair make me think of Roddy Piper. His entrance just screams cool. Leather jacket, chair dragging on the ramp, nonchalant facial expression and the cigarette. Dean Ambrose take notes, bro.


I thought this was good, but not great. A lot of the individual spots connected with me. Like Dusty/Bubba Rogers chair collar spot at the beginning. Sasaki no sells that like a champ and just decapitates Onita. Sasaki whipping him around by the leather jacket was badass. Some really stiff shots from Sasaki. Onita collars another chair around Sasaki and then PILEDRIVES him on the table. Sasaki just roars back with nasty chair shots to Onita. Then Onita FIREBALL for the DQ! Individual spots were great, connective tissue was not there. Felt huge and the Tokyo Dome was the appropriate setting for this. ***

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