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[2000-11-11-MPPW-TV] Joey Abs vs Slash


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Bobcat is the guest ring announcer here, but before she introduces the participants cuts a brief promo saying that she is what’s been missing from Power Pro Wrestling. She is here to make all the men’s fantasies and desires come true, while being a role model for all the women! Onto the match and a reverse atomic drop followed by a big powerslam by Abs for a two. Slash backs off, but when Joey charges, he backdrops him over the top rope to the arena floor. Fortunately Abs lands on his feet and then trips Slash from the outside. Shoulder tackle off the top, however Slash gets the knees up when he goes for the splash out of the corner. Joey doesn’t have a good success rate when it comes to hitting that one! Alleycopter by Slash. A pair of clotheslines, but Abs ducks the third and catches Slash with a release German suplex. Backdrop and a Michinoku Driver (which Corey struggles to pronounce) as Slash kicks out of the cover. ‘Absolution’, this looks like it’s it when Brandon Baxter is in the ring and stomps on Abs to break the count. He chases after Brandon, and eventually back into the ring, but the distraction allows Slash to attack him from behind. Not sure what the ref’s playing at as he’s just letting Baxter remain in there with no attempt whatsoever to try and get him out. DDT on Abs, at which point Jerry Lawler runs out, drills Slash and throws fire at Baxter. Great response to ‘the King’ from the fans in the studio as he checks on Abs while Slash and Baxter scarper. Lawler’s pants and shirt are all torn and Dave Brown questions him on what happened? ‘The King’ says how he was leaving his house when he saw Brandon Baxter stood on the side of the road waving him down like he had car trouble or something. He stopped, backed up, didn’t see a flat tyre but did see Slash jump him from behind with a tyre iron. He tells them that it will take more than those two punks to put him out of business before promising that this isn’t over in the slightest.


Bobcat is still treading water as they look to try and find a suitable role for her. She is channelling a bit of 1997 Sunny here, although clearly isn’t cut out for ring announcing (along with most things it would seem!). I expected more from these two as the match just seemed to chug along until the arrival of Lawler. The ref letting Baxter do what he wanted and remain in the ring without even a hint that he was going to DQ Slash made zero sense.

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Bobcat enters the ring and is the special announcer. Hopefully, she can find a manager position soon as she is pretty wooden as an announcer. Corey calling a Michinoku Driver was humorous. Good tv match with Abs looking strong on his power moves. Lawler runs down and throws a fireball into Baxter. Lawler’s clothes are torn and he explains that he was attacked leaving his house. **

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-11-MPPW-TV] Joey Abs vs Slash

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