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[2016-11-08-WWE-Smackdown] Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss


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Alexis has earned her way into the #1 Contender spot for Becky's title. (I hadn't realize Becky was the first SD Women's Champ - good on ya, Becks.) The Scottish crowd are solidly behind Becky here, and Bliss turns her disdain to 11. She doesn't care one bit for the crowd, the ref, or Becky.


Solid 12 min TV match, with Becky looking like she deserves the belt and Bliss looking like she really deserves a title shot. They match up well, and the fighting gets intense. At one point they're trading forearms like this is Japan, just hauling off and walloping the crap out of each other.


Seems this is the start of a feud, which includes a cage match. I suspect they're going to get some good mileage out of the fact that Alexa's foot is on the rope even as she taps out.


I look forward to seeing more from this matchup.

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