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[2016-12-04-WWE-TLC] Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss


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Tables Match for the SD Women's Title


As I mentioned re their SD Live match in November, these two bring a lot of intensity. It's not Asuka levels of violence, but they're definitely operating at a higher level. These two aren't going to be meeting in the middle of the ring and hugging it out afterwards.


There's one moment when Becky gets DDT'd onto the edge of a flipped over table. (Bliss's shoulders hit the table's edge, too.) It's a cool-looking but potentially nasty bump (20 years ago, it would have been an excellent moment for a bladejob, actually). The camera zooms in, just as you hear one of them say "I'm okay". I had to rewind and listen again to make sure I heard it. I am always missing those things.


I appreciate the way they set up different ways to use the tables. In the end, though, the table crash comes out of nowhere. It's a good reminder that this sort of match requires care - drop your guard for moment, and your opponent will powerbomb your ass.


Good stuff. Not quite on the level of the Charlotte/Sasha matches at this time, but it's solid action that sells Bliss as a genuine threat while keeping Lynch strong.

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