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[2016-12-18-PWX-Season's Deletings] Ugly Ducklings (Colby Corino & Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) vs OI4K (Dave & Jake Crist & Sami Callihan)


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We start with OI4K's entrance and it's nothing special, leading us to the Ugly Ducklings making their way out. Coach Mikey (team manager) is dressed like an elf since 'tis the season, and riles up the crowd to quack for Colby Corino...who couldn't make it but quickly shows up anyway. No drama, just a brief "he couldn't make it but it's time for miracles." What do ya know, out comes Colby. Possibly stoned.


The Crists dive out and it's Sami Callihan/Rob Killjoy for a moment but a Death Valley Bomb makes it just Sami. Lance Lude in to take Sami out with tilt-a-whirl heasscissors. Dave Crist with a crossbody to Lude and then Colby takes him out with a springboard gamengiri. Jake with a neckbreaker to Corino and then it's dive time.


Colby teases a pair of dives to Dave and then finally does it on the third, taking me out of the match since it defies logic. Hey, Dave, you had two chances to move out of the way and didn't. You're an idiot.


The match quickly breaks down into MOVEZ and spots, one highlight being Sami booting Lude mid-moonsault. A brief skirmish between Coach Mikey and PWX official Anderson devolves into a catfight of sorts, leading to a six-man staredown. Elbow trades and the Ducks take over until Sami and Killjoy trade chops.


A quick rant about how most matches work now: Sami throws wonderful looking strikes, often throwing his entire body into them, and nobody's ever booked it so his shots mean more than anybody else's. I have a problem with FIGHTING SPIRIT~ trades that aren't properly built to or just downright lack logic and this is one of those examples. Sami and Killjoy may be around the same height but Sami has more mass and throws better looking strikes than I'd say the majority of indie talent, so why the hell can't a no-name like Rob Killjoy eat them with pride? He'd look that much better fighting from underneath.


Killjoy kisses Sami and Jake before eating a triple team stomp/Tombstone and then Dave hits useless Colby with a springboard cutter. Killjoy and Lude catch Dave with a Doomsday knee for the finish and all men shake hands after.



-Always great to have a hot crowd, and the PWX crowd was hot

-Ugly Ducklings have their own

-Sami Callihan rarely disappoints



-There was virtually no flow, just spots one after another

-Colby lacks the ring presence of his father or the athleticism of anybody else in the match

-There was probably a total of 10 minutes of action but it felt much longer due to the pacing


**1/2, 5/10

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  • GSR changed the title to [2016-12-18-PWX-Season's Deletings] Ugly Ducklings (Colby Corino & Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) vs OI4K (Dave & Jake Crist & Sami Callihan)

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