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  1. Laz

    AEW Dynamite - October 28, 2020

    Holy shit, Leyla is signed to AEW now? Good on her. She impressed me a ton from her early days in CZW, and I admittedly haven't watched a whole lot of her work.
  2. Laz

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Nick Gage going from shit deathmatch worker to convicted felon to great brawler/human being is as close to wholesome as pro wrestling gets.
  3. I agree that most talents won't do shit, but I also think the talents most affected would do fine if they told Vince to fuck off and specified that they would not be renewing their deals, specifying this overstep as why they would be seeking income elsewhere. Xavier Woods, for example, would do great anywhere else. He has a PhD in educational psychology, has a recurring seat at one of the more popular live events for each PAX convention, and his streaming show is the reason others have followed suit. If he, especially in today's climate after the Lio Rush and ACH accusations against the company, were to tell Vince to pound sand? There isn't much that could be done. Most of the talent, as in other fields, don't understand the level of power they truly yield.
  4. Couple of issues here. 1. WWE talent are not employees, but independent contractors. Their payment by the company is akin to an actor on a television show. If Bryan Cranston signed a deal with Disney to play a role? Disney has no say in what he does professionally when not working the agreed upon dates and has no right to money earned beyond their program. 2. WWE talent, as independent contractors, are not receiving healthcare benefits, nor pension plans, through WWE. 3. This mandate is another in a long line of attempts by Vince to restrict the income of contracted talents, which is why many of his top stars in the past have left before. Piper left because he wanted to work with John Carpenter, Rock left because he wasn't going to give Vince a cut of his Hollywood money, Jericho left because he felt Vince didn't have a say in what he did whenever he wasn't scheduled to appear, etc. This is a blatant overstep by Vince and WWE that, just like their attempts to prevent Rey Mysterio from leaving years back, will fold against a halfway decent court case.
  5. Laz

    Rusev says he's done with wrestling

    Which is one reason why Twitch is a joke, among others. "Play all the ultraviolent video games that you want, but don't you DARE show any female skin that isn't made of polygons!"
  6. "Hailing from Death Valley, the CORRRRPSE VALEEEEEET"
  7. It was called that on the indies, too.
  8. Guys...his finisher was the Acid Drop...
  9. From what I can gather, it was a move that happened literally once in a match between Jinsei Shinzaki and Misawa. Possibly this one?
  10. Fun bit of the day: chatting with Blade Braxton about the pros and cons of a big budget Toxic Avenger remake.
  11. The original MLW suffered from the same things the current MLW suffers from, though not to the same extent: the inability to create stars or highlight names better than other companies. MLW gave us Raven and Punk...at the same time as ROH and TNA, with ROH doing it the best and TNA having greater exposure. MLW tried so, so hard to capture the ECW audience, but didn't have the same "let's break the mold" attitude that Heyman-protege Gabe Sabolsky had. The shows where Gary Hart were involved, though, are great. I remember there being a really killer LowKi/Homicide program made even better by Hart's involvement.
  12. Ever? No. Of his generation, at least as far as known western talents? I'd actually say yes, although I'm not high on the Bar and think the Kings of Wrestling weren't even a top 5 team when they were active.
  13. Laz

    Advice on Games

    I'm still very, very disappointed in all of these games that allow you to have a promoter/GM mode but don't allow you to script out the matches, if even just the result.
  14. Surprisingly, a viable option for #3 in the 2001-2002 period before TNA and ROH were established was ICP's company, JCW. The handful of tapes they had sold very well, and they ran shows coinciding with their tour dates and gatherings.
  15. Laz

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    It's a case where the subversion of the trope becomes the trope, but the next generation thinks of the subversion as the norm. You see it in music, movies, television, etc.