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[2001-06-30-ICW-Last Stand At The Elk's] Low Ki vs Xavier (Ladder)

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This was wild. The ladder spots hold up big time even in the current landscape and Xavier especially just takes a hellacious beating here. Low Ki draping him upside down from the ladder and laying into him with kicks was brutal. The suplex onto the ladder between the guardrail and apron looked like it killed Xavier's shoulder and back. These guys were incredibly crisp with everything too and, though it's filled with great spots, it has enough to keep it held together.


Xavier really looks like a total pro and provides a good counter to Ki early on, using cheap shots and different tricks to keep turning the tide. Later, though, as it escalates, he proves he can totally hang athletically hitting his crazy rope-assisted moonsault to the floor and powerbombing Ki over the ladder.


It's just a crazy contest and Ki is clearly going to be undeniable even if they do work a cheap finish and restart into the outcome. A very dangerous Ki Crusher from the top of the ladder nearly ends in disaster and Ki grabs the belt to win an awesome match.



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I can't believe I'm watching an indy ladder match, but Low Ki is easily my favorite indy guy from this era and I need to see any match he had that people say is good. I don't believe that a ladder has any place in a wrestling ring, but if you must use one then at least show as much commitment to the gimmick as these guys did. I actually thought the false finish was a decent ending if Low Ki used a submission to put Xavier out. The actual finish was insane. Great post-match too. Very good match. 

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